Saturday, June 3, 2017

Non-verbal communication.

I look at Bob and know ( despite our mild disagreement over the bag of fresh peas that slipped through the dog grille and were 'liberated' on the way back from the greengrocers ) this is a 'happy' dog. 

Bob has carefully eaten the peas and left the pods for his sister.

The family fellows attitude to all things in life is ' the boy done good '.

Who could disagree ?

No doubting who's boss here :


  1. Will his tummy cope with all that roughage?? He certainly looks a picture of health and affability. And he did someone a favour - you don't have to shell all those peas today! I had a pony who would go nuts for pea pods. It was worth the effort of shelling the little blighters to see his joy.

  2. Bob looks not only happy but mighty pleased with himself too!

  3. Nothing better than an opportunistic find!

  4. Sounds like the perfect dog grille to us if it makes Bob look so happy!

  5. You do look happy Bob. Job well done on liberating the peas.

  6. Looks pretty proud of himself!

  7. Bob is da Man ! ! ! (It's just the way he rolls . . . always happy)

    1. Bob is always happy. His sister likes to mix it up a little.

  8. He done good indeed, and is no doubt looking forward to the next visit to the greengrocer's for the next bag of peas....