Friday, April 10, 2015

PON and Whippet.

An article in the morning paper saying that they're considering chopping down the plane trees that line the local roads. Too many teenage farm boys are crashing into them after binge drinking on a Friday night. Twenty year old BMW's, the boy racers favourite, are no match for a hundred year old tree.

A mystery unfolds in the skies overhead. A plane makes an abrupt 180 degree turn. Sharp enough for anyone on board to notice. The contrails sketching a huge 'U' in the blue sky. Can't remember ever having seen an aircraft do such a volte face like that before.

The weather changing. Some clouds appear in mid-afternoon. By early evening there's a breeze blowing. Bob positions himself at the front door. Rear quarters in the warm, nose in the fresh air. Being big brother he keeps one eye open while he sleeps.

Can it be that Bob's legs are still growing ? He seems to be towering over his sister. She's pure PON. We're beginning to have doubts about his pedigree. The worlds longest legged PON. Could it be there are Whippet genes in there ?


  1. Maybe he's a super PON while Sophie's a pure PON. Such a shame to cut down such lovely trees.

  2. Perhaps the police should be patrolling this area at night to stop these boys from driving under the influence. A few confiscated cars would make them think twice about this habit. Love the blog - can't start the day without seeing what the PONs are up to.

  3. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GApril 10, 2015 at 10:09 AM

    We do hope that the trees are not cut down - they are such an essential part of the French Rural landscape. We thought that French drink/driving laws were very strict, so any point in suggesting that the farmer's boys abide by them, and leave their ancient BMW's at home, if they are going to drink? Probably not, but if there are no trees, they will still find something else to crash into and quite likely do even more damage.
    We don't care if Bob has whippet genes - he's still gorgeous!

  4. They are both just gorgeous!

  5. Yes, a police patrol on a Saturday night might save a few lives and fill the villlage coffers as well. If anything can slow down a teenage boy it's a wallop in the billfold. The village beautification committee could use a few extra Euro's. And as I recall, some new Christmas decorations may be in order.
    Bob will always be perfect in our eyes.

  6. That's a shame about the beautiful trees!
    Strangely, just last week I saw a similar contrail. Let's hope the pilots haven't started binge drinking too!

  7. oh angus. don't let them cut down the trees! foolish 20 year old boys eventually grow up. and at 20... sorry. but if you're still binge drinking then...
    maybe you should grow up somewhere else... as on a BEACH. where all you could do is drown. i have NO sympathy for them.
    magnificent old trees are gone forever.
    and ...
    maybe bob is really a little man in a shaggy dog suit! i'm with all the above comments.... he's PERFECT! they BOTH ARE! ♥ as is this blog.

  8. It's the old problem - the gap between parental control and responsible adulthood - something we all go through, but what a shame that the local farm boys haven't more thought for their environment. Why pander to them by cutting down beautiful old trees - it's unlikely to stop them drinking and they will just crash their cars somewhere else. A hefty fine would be a good idea - especially if Dad has to pay up.... The practical thing is to take away their car keys, and let them find their own way home ! The long walk home would give them time to sober up and reflect on the futility of their lifestyle.

  9. We had an old 'killer' tree removed. It kept jumping in front of drunken kids, too.

  10. We are planning on going to Lynn's "Rocky Creek Scottie Reunion" in May and I have a feeling Todd will tower over his siblings too.