Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Easter Egg.

The fancy chocolatier phones to say that the Easter Egg we'd ordered is ready. He's decorated it with 'local fruits'. When bananas became local fruits is a subject best not dwelt on. The egg is somewhat larger than imagined.

His wife wraps  the enormous egg in acres of cellophane. While waiting Angus is invited to go into the 'cafe' behind the shop for a cup of coffee. The 'cafe' is like a stage set from a Hammer House of Horrors movie. Pink walls, a brass chandelier, a female torso wearing nothing other than a woolen cap,  orange faux leather banquettes and a sideboard covered in dolls in crinolines. Scary.

After his run in with the builders merchants Bob is convinced he's the most fearsome dog on the planet. We don't like to tell him that a dog who's scared of the plumbers broom isn't really that fearsome.

Just the kitchen fitters today. The oven is in. The ceiling lights should follow by lunchtime. The angelic duo are hoping that someone will set out lunch on the wooden garden table. 


  1. Yes there is only one truly scary photo posted today. And it is not Bob.

  2. Not the most relaxing cup of coffee then!
    That egg is an artwork, how are you ever going to break and eat it?

  3. How nice that the duo is willing to share their table.

  4. Hoping (fingers crossed!) that the tempting chocolate egg will not incite a repeat of yesterday's 'Lunch For The Lads Outdoor Buffet' episode. Only this time, if they got into mischief, it could prove deadly. NO CHOCOLATE FOR DOGS - EVER! Do take care.

  5. That Easter egg is long will it take to finish it off?
    With me being vegetarian, you can leave "the fruits" for me.
    Did you say "Cafe?" I'm speechless.

  6. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GApril 2, 2015 at 10:59 AM

    That's some Easter egg! Perhaps by "local" fruits, the chocolatier means those you can buy in the local supermarket? Don't think we'd like a coffee in the café - even with an illicit half croissant as a temptation - we'd be having nightmares for weeks afterwards.
    Oh dear, another illusion shattered - fancy Bob being scared of the plumber's broom! Bob, you'll just have to face your fears and look it straight in the eye next time it sweeps anywhere near you!

  7. That is an unpleasant room. Very nice looking egg though!

  8. Wow. The egg is large but who wouldn't want copious amounts of chocolate? The room however is another story...not sure where to look. Sort of a back against the wall type of room....

    The PON's however look delightful as always...

  9. That is quite the Easter egg!

  10. The egg is gorgeous! I love it! Send it my way, please!!!

  11. Coppa's girlApril 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM

    Oh wow - what an egg - what a work of art - however did you get it home in one piece?

    1. By keeping it well away from two large, wet, inquisitive noses.

  12. Well, wow.
    That egg sort of puts my three, fat, Chocolate Babkas, currently cooling by the window, to shame.

  13. That egg is quite remarkable. But the chocolatier's back room -- I'm now dealing with an earworm from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."