Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sausage bearing pilgrims ?

Pilgrims make a reappearance. A coachload of Slovenians in matching red parkas are standing on the village green as the sun rises. One has to wonder why they're here. Were they on their way to Lourdes, got lost and decided that the village was as good a place as any to welcome Good Friday ? What time must they have got up ? How do you greet a group of pious Slovenians ? We settle on a firm ' Bonjour ' and continue on our way. Sophie keeps on turning back to check if they might be sausage bearing pilgrims. She's disappointed. Bob christens the fire hydrant. 

The workmen leave us a kitchen. Not a complete kitchen but the tap works and there's a solitary ceiling light. The painter has used the wrong paint to touch up the wall where the electricians and plasterers have put in new electrical sockets. '' I'll take care of it next week'' he says jauntily. The morose lads have been using the radiator in front of the window as a seat. It now leans to the right. Not that it matters. It should be cased in on Wednesday. The floor restorer has a 'hissy fit' over the smudged floor tiles . '' It's not my fault if people walk on them when they're wet ". He leaves; muttering. We open a bottle of champagne. Bob and Sophie clamber in the cupboards. Peace at last.


  1. Coppa's girlApril 4, 2015 at 7:47 AM

    Oh, isn't that nice - the workmen have built a beautiful little house, just for the PONs, and it looks as though Bob is cautiously inspecting where he'll have his bed. Has Sophie measured up for curtains yet?

  2. Hopefully, you can have a restful weekend.....with sausages.

  3. Thank goodness the kitchen is almost's looking really nice.
    Maybe Bob and Sophie have been perusing the new kitchen decor sites and dreaming of beds in the kitchen cabinets for them...or even a pull out drawer with their bowls in it as their eating station....those two know the deal....they'll probably express how they feel about being left out soon.
    Enjoy the peace and quiet of the weekend.

  4. Perhaps Bob and Sophie think the Slovenians are on a pilgrimage to honour St Antoine, the patron saint of saussage makers, and might be packing offerings.

  5. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GApril 4, 2015 at 3:40 PM

    The new kitchen looks very smart, and we hope the original design featured a very big fridge for storing lots of sausages. An unlimited supply of sausages is much the best way for PONs to celebrate Easter - or any other time of the year!
    A Happy Easter to you all in the not so Rickety Old Farmhouse.

  6. I don't know what was there before, but it looks as if you've designed a lovely, efficient galley-style kitchen. And, oh, those beautiful floor tiles. But the others are right, there must be a place to stash treats for PONs -- I'm sure it says so in the fine print.