Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rug surfing mood.

To the cheese lady for some Chevres. Bob and Sophie wholeheartedly approve.

Sophie has more fur trimmed off. She looks less like a cube on legs. Not exactly svelte but decidedly less 'podgy'.

A five year old village girl somehow manages to put her four year old brother in the pit under the weigh bridge on the village green. She then leaves him there. The mayor is called upon to retrieve him. Angus is asked to clamber down into the pit and hoist the wee fellow out. Getting in is easy, getting out less so. 

In the evening Sophie rug surfs with her doo-doo. She is in a rug surfing mood. By the end of the evening the hallway looks like a bombs hit it.


  1. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GApril 12, 2015 at 11:08 AM

    That's got to be another one of those best days ever - Chevres from the cheese lady, rug surfing and Angus to the rescue....and Sophie's looking smarter after her trim!

  2. And where are those testosterone pumped young men so intent on crashing into the village tree rows? Put some of their over abundant energy to positive use. Pigeons out of clock towers, children out of pits and God knows what else...Angus, you've become the village good son.
    They're wonderful dogs no matter how their hail looks.

  3. Oh, a visit to the cheese lady again - what bliss - the day really couldn't get any better !
    Angus, I do hope that the mayor is not going to call on you every time there is a crisis in the village. You seem to be doing pretty well so far - the problem with the horses and the Belgian lady, now rescuing a child from under the weigh bridge. What next I wonder? Could it be that you are one of the youngest, and most agile males in the village? (Sorry, was that 'The Font' laughing?)

  4. Am I recalling right that Chevres is a seasonal cheese?

    But I've no doubt you're the hero of the village, just like the cheese lady is to the PON's!