Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Great fun.

The Christmas decorations are taken down and packed. As Angus stows them away in the basement he discovers last years Christmas lights that were put in a place so obvious ' even an idiot ' could find them. Three 'missing' boxes of decorations are also uncovered. This year the boxes are all relabeled. 

The PONs find the whole process to be of great interest. For them the high point being when the Christmas tree is hoisted out of an upstairs window and propelled onto the ox track below.

Angus covers the tree peonies with gauze to protect the buds from frost. Wrapping plants in gauze is something that I'd not recommend anyone do in the presence of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. Sophie becomes particularly involved.

The schools go back. The demonic eight year old boy, clearly unhappy at the end of his holidays, rattles a stick against the railings. He also whistles. The PONs 'rediscover' their gift of song. 

So passes another 'quiet' day with happy dogs in deepest, deepest France profonde.

Angus is the recipient of this bizarre e-mail from a ( presumably )  serious man in Beijing : 

'' According to my Fengshui Master :This February won't come in our lifetime again. Because this February has 4Sundays, 4Mondays, 4Tuesdays, 4Wednesdays, 4Thursdays, 4Fridays & 4Saturdays. This only happens once every 823years ''.

Although left unsaid this is presumably good news.


  1. So next Christmas you'll use the "lost" lights to set up in competition to the Old Farmer and the couple in the flat above the Mayor's Office?

  2. May I suggest that you take a photo of the location of the decorations and post it on the blog, so you can refer back next year? Although maybe the your Fengshui Master might also like to advise...
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. I am concerned...should I be hibernating in February? Four Mondays in one month could be more than I can bear!

  4. According to my calendar,since this is a leap year, there are 5 mondays in February. Fengshuis master is wrong about this, one wonders what else ?

  5. As Kerrie says, there are 5 Mondays this year. However, it appears that the 4's your correspondent describes
    occurred in 2015 and will occur in 2017.....presumably until we hit another leap year. Back to the drawing
    board as they say.
    Sophie appears to be having an unusually good hair day.

  6. Next Christmas your house is going to look great. We did the same thing this year too, and found the lights this week too.

  7. It sounds as if your garden and gauze-wrapped peonies will looked suitably Christo-like. Perhaps you could stage an art "happening".

    and "ox track"? Is there livestock you haven't yet mentioned?