Saturday, January 2, 2016


Our morning trip to the market is delayed while Sophie retrieves lamb on a rope from the laurel hedge.

Bob waits ( almost ) patiently in the back of the car.

A trip to the butchers is a cause for nostril twitching excitement.

We would go to Betty's, the improbably named cheese monger, but it's busy. Sophie doesn't do 'busy' well.

Some clouds today but no rain. The bizarrely warm weather continues.

A couple take up residence in the flat above the town hall. It seems the mayor has decided that the village needs a resident 'odd job' man. In lieu of rent the husband will cut the grass verges and the wife will open the church on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons ( don't ask ) and take over the weeding of the graveyard.  

Although Christmas is past the newcomers decorate their gutters and balcony with coloured lights. A lot of coloured lights. The sort that hang down and are supposed to look like icicles - except icicles usually aren't green or red and rarely flash on and off. When it gets dark it becomes apparent that they flash at a different tempo to The Old Farmers display but are just as 'artful'.

Angus wonders what it is about the village that attracts people with Christmas light issues. Perhaps it's something in the water ?

We have the feeling that with their arrival village life will become more 'interesting'.

This is a 'lively' audience :


Coppa's girl said...

The look on Bob's face, as he waits for Sophie and her shredded lamb, is priceless!
That lamb at the butchers looks good.

WFT Nobby said...

Christmas light "issues"? Village life becoming more "interesting"? The Old Farmer's display "artful".
On the radio yesterday, heading back north, it was said that Scots are supposed to be more direct in speech than the English!
Cheers! Gail.

potty said...

I feel embarrassed to say that we have always called the lady in the fur coat Non Specific Urethra Franklin.

Diane said...

Your dogs are so sweet. ;-) Happy New Year to you!

rottrover said...

Oh Angus! Thanks for that video. I'm going to be singing all day -priceless!

kippy said...

I kept hearing about that video, but had not seen it until now. Thank you!

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

I am shocked to see the good condition of Sophie's lamb, after being in the laurel hedge! I do so love the cobalt blue pots on either side of the door at Betty's with the tasteful clear lights cascading down. I don't think those are an "issue" !

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

PS one of my all time favorite Aretha Franklin songs was 'Think' in the Blues Brother's movie !!!

causer659 said...

Wow. Not only do I love your dogs and your friendly and interesting blog, I also click on sites you recommend. Loved the rendition of Auld Lang Syne" and sent it along to dear friends, and today loved the Carol King song "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" with Aretha. Wonderful talents.
Thank you.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm not sure what to make of the newcomers and their lights either-- I'll suggest that it's not in the water, and more of a "birds of a feather, stick together." ??

Enjoyable video -- It's a great moment that we don't see much of anymore.

Emm said...

Lamb on a Rope looks surprisingly good, all PONs considered. Buhb looks every inch the elder statesman, waiting patiently.

Isn't Aretha just incredible. A force of nature.

Jake of Florida said...

The Kennedy Center Honors were especially moving this year -- and Aretha Franklin brought the house down with this interpretation of Carole King's song -- while Carole King herself was over the moon at hearing it.

Poppy Q said...

Ohh the butchers wares are almost as pretty as the pastries that you show us. No wonder you need such long walks.