Sunday, January 24, 2016


A misty start to the day. The PONs are up early in search of moles. They dig enthusiastically. The moles hearing the rhino like thunder of snuffling PONs disappear. This in no way diminishes the angelic duo's enjoyment.

Bob and Sophie get into the back of the car. Bob drops his carrot. He has to get out of the car to retrieve it. Sophie follows him down. Bob gets back in the car. Sophie wanders off. Bob gets down again to find her. Sophie leaps up and liberates the slice of carrot that he's left behind. Bob spends five minutes looking for it. After Bob gets a replacement carrot we head off. 

None of this kerfuffle is conducted silently. 

Not yet eight am and the PONs are already having a most wonderful day.

And here for a Sunday morning is something briskly Scottish : We used to have a flat facing the castle in Edinburgh. During the tattoo the sound of the pipes used to linger in the ears long after the last piper had gone.


  1. What better than a really good kerfuffle to begin another best day ever !

  2. Wish I could have watched the Tattoo on a large TV screen.
    Enjoying reading about the PONS' (to quote Sarah Palin) squirmishes over their daily carrot treats.

  3. Now I know for sure that I must have Scottish genes....I thoroughly enjoyed that video of The Massed Pipes....thanks for posting Angus.
    If I could I would send Bob his very own bag of juicy carrots....Sophie is definitely "unfairing" her poor brother.

  4. I always wanted to attend the Tattoo. An acquaintance went last year and said the performances were magnificent.
    So nice there's a replacement carrot carrot for long-suffering Bob.

  5. The business of the dropped carrot is very important. I am so glad you took time to tell us all about it Angus. Not everyone understands these things.
    Toodle pip!

  6. Just getting in and out of the back of the car could be a half day event! Throw in several carrots and this is major entertainment!!!!!!!!!

  7. I wish I would have had this music for last night's early Robbie Burns dinner!!

  8. What, more shenanigans with carrots?! Sophie has many ruses for liberating carrots from the unsuspecting Bob.

    Listening to the pipes in the castle-facing flat sounds very magical.

    During the memorial service of a friend who was a World War II veteran (he was among those young men who landed on the Normandy beaches on June 6), a kilted piper stood alone on a nearby hillside to play “Amazing Grace.” It is a moment that stands apart in time for me.

  9. We can't help thinking that though carrots are good, they don't compare to illicit croissants.

  10. Edward loses his carrot to Apple on a regular basis.
    This does not in any way dampen his spirit or lessen his affection for her.