Saturday, January 30, 2016

The foolish man wonders at the unusual, but the wise man at the usual.

The PONs are being well behaved. They clamber into the back of the car and then stay there. Neither wanders off.

They are rewarded with a slice of carrot. Sophie has finished hers by the time Bob picks his up.

Saturday is the day of the village 'beautiful garden'  prize giving. The mayors wife, who has had a hip replacement , is out and about again. In readiness for the great day she is setting out the prizes - her dried root vegetable arrangements - on a trestle table in the village hall. '' I've been able to spend more time on them this year " . She says this while beaming lovingly at a triangular arrangement of carrots, turnips and baby swedes .

This morning the PONs and their owners are up early. For the next week or so there is a particularly important alignment of planets in the pre-dawn sky. Bob and Sophie think venturing out with their flock in the darkness is wildly exciting. By contrast their master wonders why anyone in their right mind would be out in the garden at five thirty on a chilly January morning staring at the stars. The chance of lying in bed was not an option. That famous phrase " You'll enjoy it ".  'The Font' sets up a telescope. Early rising farmers driving their tractors through the village can be in no doubt that the foreigners in The Rickety Old Farmhouse  are completely mad.


  1. Completely mad? But of course - you're not French !
    Now Angus, don't forget, we're relying on you to give us a blow by blow account, (although we hope it doesn't come to that) and photographs of the dried root vegetable arrangements, at today's exciting ceremony. Will the BBC and CNN be covering it?

  2. Bob and Sophie know that smells are always even more interesting in the pre-dawn darkness.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Two concurrent noteworthy arrangements to appreciate: one of planets and the other of dessicated vegetables! La France profonde is full of surprises!

  4. The stars are always worth getting out of bed to view. My husband will confirm this. :)

  5. It's been too cloudy here to see this marvelous sight.
    The adventurous part of me has been sad; the snuggled-down part of me, not so much.

  6. We assume the PONs are loudly telling everyone in the village about the fun!