Sunday, August 6, 2017

A wedding ?

Cool this morning after last weeks heat and humidity. What a relief. We're out at that 'dog owners' moment as the sun is just tingeing the sky orange and the birds are saying thank you for a new day. A small herd of deer head off down the lane. The heron on the village pond looks at the PONs and decides with a leisurely flap of its wings to drift slowly into the air. After we pass he circles overhead before drifting slowly back onto the water. A lugubrious bird .

There is going to be a marriage in the village. I assume it's a wedding as a brown hessian sign saying '' Our future starts here " has been tied onto the pergola with twine. The words are highlighted with glued on sequins. As we start across the village green a group of men in tee shirts and shorts are setting up a straw amphitheatre on the grass to the side of the church. While they unload the straw bales another group of men assemble a marquee between the village green and the war memorial. The presence of the marquee a sign that a society event is about to unfold ? Doubtless, all will be revealed as the day progresses. 

The PONs are greatly taken with the straw bales that form the amphitheatre. We, or to be more precise Bob and Sophie, spend a full thirty minutes sniffing them. This could be described as a static morning walk. The PONs will not be moved. At the centre of the amphitheatre two gentlemen string a line of glass Christmas decorations between two trees. Presumably this is where the ceremony will occur. The men ignore Bob and Sophie. Sophie yelps at them.

The PONs are loaded into the car and we head off to the market. This morning a laughing lady is selling Tomme with Cummin, Tomme with peppers and Tomme 'Italian' style. The PONs settle for some standard Tomme. Their tails go into hyper mode.

This is a cheerful, colourful start to a Sunday :


  1. Love today's description of the 'dog owner's moment
    I hope Bob and Sophie did not add their own style of personalised decoration to the straw bales.
    Cheers, Gail

  2. Hari OM
    Oh yeaaaahhh, bibia be ye ye.... (all will be alright)... **is now bobbling to the rhythm long after the music has stopped**... YAM xx

  3. Did Bob christen the hay bales😊?

  4. I had the same thought about the hay bales, and hoped that if they had become part of Bob's country the wedding guests wouldn't notice. Although I am wondering why someone would have the ceremony outside when they have a lovely old church right there.
    Looking forward to your later report that Tells All.

  5. This promises to be a day of high excitement in the village.
    I'm glad that your weather has taken a more pleasant turn.

  6. Wooden benches are sheer hell to sit on but hay bales might actually be worse. I think they lay to rest any fears about a society event.

  7. A cheerful way to start a Monday, too. Hope Bob didn't christen too many bales. The Pons will have a great viewing spot...

  8. Ah, the lingering scents from the straw bales are not something to be hurried over. I too, wonder if Bob did a little bit of christening - just for Good Luck !