Saturday, August 12, 2017

Feathers make the bird beautiful.

Sophie sleeps downstairs. Bob sleeps upstairs. Why this should be is something of a mystery. Bob has to be near us. Sophie being altogether more independent doesn't.

This morning, while Angus turns on the lights, Bob heads down the stairs to let his sister know that it's time to get up.

Sophie feigns deafness but finally condescends to join her brother in some pre-breakfast savaging. A PON house is by definition not a quiet house.

After a long walk across country we detour to the fancy little cafe by the canal.

The fancy cafe is run by a young Parisian couple escaping the rat race with their toddlers.

They have freshly baked langue de chat. The PONs each get not one, but two, langue de chat. Bob also gets a long slow scratch on the top of his head.

Best day ever ?

In the little market town one of those 1950's era stores.

This one has a sign informing us that birds and women are made more beautiful by feathers.

Through the window I catch sight of a hidden world of French provincial couture.

For those who enjoyed yesterdays video by our two local wine bar owners here's another treat. The two bibulous Frenchmen meet an American lady who cooks them lunch. She lives about twenty minutes from here. No Anglo-Saxon male would/could behave like this in the kitchen . PARENTAL ADVISORY : A lot of wine is consumed in the making of this video:


  1. Hari OM
    They are entertainers, no doubt about it. Those French dudes in the Citroen are pretty good too... YAM xx

  2. Kate Hill is a brave lady. Especially for getting in the 2CV...

  3. Sophies bed looks like it is made of lots of special layers the perfect spot for a princess.

  4. Love the video! As an American, I don't think I'd have the nerve to teach cooking to the French, but she sure looks like she knows what she's doing. The countryside looks a lot like California. A lovely place. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Probably the best kind of cats' tongues anyway.

  6. Loved the video! What a lovely day you had. Ear scratches to Bob and Sophie!

  7. Perhaps Bob guards the upstairs while Sleeping Beauty guards below.

  8. Of course it was another very best day ever - how could it not be? The video was hilarious - what fun, and another glimpse of a little corner of paradise.....

  9. Had to google langue de chat. They look delicate and delicious. What a treat for two healthy Pons! Enjoyed the video. Wish I could cook like that.