Sunday, August 20, 2017

Rolling along.

The year is rolling right along. Something beautiful about the countryside as late summer segues into autumn. A calmness and contentedness at natures job well done.

The hay harvested and bailed. The sunflowers now waiting to dry out before being cut.

The hedgerows thick with rose hips. In Scotland a sure sign that a cold winter lies ahead.

The fields of Queen Anne's lace now beginning to wilt in the heat. The Rosebay willow herb largely gone. Only a few wild orchids left in the bottom of the valleys.

It is coming up to  year since Sophie broke her first leg. The second would follow soon after. Looking at her it's difficult to believe there was ever a problem.


  1. Mlle Sophie is looking pretty pleased with herself. Who would have ever thought 2 x broken legs. She is so lucky as are her owners and her many fans worldwide that she is such a good healer.

  2. Hari OM
    When we look back, it seems so short. Going through it can feel like treacle. Sophie proves that treacle, once eaten, just glides!!! YAM xx

  3. What a year it has been for Sophie and Max as well. Lets hope for an uneventful year ahead for them both of them.

    School starts in DC today, and several counties over in West Virginia, my county, later in the week. A sure sign that summer has come to an end.

  4. Her present condition is testimony to your care. Thank you

  5. We used to live in Vermont where some of the leaves would have begun to change color by now. Always gave me a twinge of melancholy. I couldn't resist checking the weather at Narbonne Plage...perfect.

  6. Time and love work wonders. Sophie's good health is a joy to see!
    Of course her brother went through his own battle, is Bob at 100% now?
    Pam in NH

  7. The PON's have proved to be the most resilient of dogs - they have both fought their own battles and won.
    Beautiful photos of late summer Angus. Thank you for posting them - it's something we don't see down here in Spain - everywhere is dried up !

  8. Fine pictures and words of late summer. Your clear deep blue sky is beautiful. Sophie is looking so good.
    We’ve had days of smoke-filled skies. The fires aren’t close but smoke is carried down the river to the ocean and us.
    We lie in the path of partial eclipse. Between the smoke and eclipse, the light is very dim.
    We have lights on in the house at ten a.m. as if it were dusk.

  9. Don't think Sophie is looking back....

  10. Sophie is a sassy lass, with determination as strong as a Giant!