Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wax coated cheese.

There was an almighty mountain storm last night. Angus was woken at three thirty by a crack of thunder that sounded like an express train was coming down the chimney. Hail clattered against the gutters, shutters banged, watering cans blew across the courtyard. The PONs and 'The Font' were happily oblivious to the meteorological apocalypse.

A sleep deprived Angus heads off across the lane with Bob and Sophie. The decorations from the weekend wedding still haven't been taken down. The storm has shredded the bunting. Soggy pom-poms hang from the trees. Bob and Sophie wander slowly, noses down, across the petanque court in search of canape remnants. Sophie finds a piece of cocktail sausage. Bob a slice of cheese.

The PONs get in the back of the car. Bob is promptly sick. Both PONs are encouraged out of the car. The car is cleaned and sprayed with air freshener. Angus discovers that Bob has eaten one of those small wax wrapped cheeses. Bob gets back in the car but sits on Sophies side. Sophie objects. Bob gets out of the car. Sophie gets in. All is finally well with the world. Bob stages a complete recovery.

Rhubarb appears in the greengrocers. I'm briefly tempted but who wants rhubarb crumble in August ?

Some smoked Daurade  and some Peche de Vigne for lunch .

Having slept the uninterrupted sleep of the innocents Bob and Sophie are ready for a lengthy game of throw the Furry Fox.

So starts a summers day with dogs when nothing happens.

This is PON music :


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  2. Reminds me of my mum who immigrated at two years old with her mother and still holds England in her heart. I think I may have heard a brief thunder storm in that lovely rendition.

  3. Hari Om
    If only the world could stage a complete (and so immediate) a recovery as Bob... rhubarb compote on morning porridge sounds like a plan... YAM xx

  4. The tattered decorations lend the village a melancholy air.

    1. If the decorations were left until October, you would have the haunted village look in time for Halloween.

  5. The aftermath of the wedding and the storm give the centre of the village a forlorn air. No wonder the PONs look so dejected if there's nothing more than a piece of cocktail sausage and a sliver of cheese to be found amongst the ruins.
    A nice chilled Rhubarb Fool might be just the answer for an after dinner treat !

  6. Thought those small waxed-cheeses would be banned in France...