Saturday, September 7, 2019

A satisfied look.

I'm out early with Sophie. Bob is in the kitchen watching 'The Font' make porridge. He is of the culinary school that believes porridge is best served with dollops of honey rather than seasonal berries. He also believes that he should sit and closely monitor each stage of the porridge making process.

Sophie is out in the garden watching Angus check the irrigation system. Sophie is there in the vague hope that Angus will suddenly uncover a cornucopia of fully filled yogurt pots. She's been disappointed so far but you never know. An onion seller comes to the gate. Sophie becomes a thing possessed. She doesn't like the man.The family princess throws herself at the gate snarling like a demon. The onion seller mutters something incredibly impolite and departs.

I tell Sophie that this was most unlady like behaviour. She gives me a satisfied look that says '' He won't come back again. Never trust a stranger bearing onions ". Dogs, it must be said, tend to be excellent judges of character.

The Fonts October holidaying has now moved on to Greece.  'Who goes to Greece in October ? ' asks Angus. ' It will be idyllically quiet ' comes the reply.

So starts a new day in a small village in deepest, deepest France profonde with two lively sheepdogs. There's a temptation to call it just another day but in fact it's going to be the best day ever ... by far.


  1. Sophie knows that nothing good comes of eating onions...

    1. After Madame Bays air dried tripe why bother with onions ?

    2. Hari OM
      Then again... tripe and onions is a 'thing'. I, however, am with Sophie on this one!!! YAM xx

  2. There is always down under if you are look for somewhere to travel too. It might not be Japan, but there will be a certain high level interest in any sporting activities that might be happening in said above country.

  3. The garden is looking burnt dry by the summer sun. Greece sounds lovely to me - a pile of books, salads and seafood, and plenty of wine in the sun sounds great.