Saturday, August 5, 2017

Making friends.

This morning Sophie is in her spectral presence mode.

Wherever I go she follows. Watchfully.

We head out of the front door and along the lane. The sunflowers just past their best. The Old Farmer waves from his balcony and informs us that he's going to the hospital this afternoon for a scan. The muscles in his left leg still not healing as he's hoped. We offer to drive him but he says he'll drive himself. '' pushing the pedals will be good exercise for me " he says with a laugh. He won't get the results for another three weeks as the specialist is away on vacation for the month.

This morning Sophie walks with me across a harvested wheat field to the stream. She carefully follows the smooth path left by a tractor tyre  avoiding the hard stubble as she goes. Clever girl.

The pictures ready at the framers. The St.Exupery sketch of the Petit Prince found in the Toulouse flea market put behind safety glass. '' Something that rare needs to be protected " says the framer with a gravity that is peculiarly French.

In the bank we make the acquaintance of a 13 year old Tibetan terrier called ' Rolf '. Despite being 13 Rolf is greatly taken with Sophie. The reverse cannot be said to be true. We exit before Rolf discovers 'the diva' in the object of his affections.

This hauntingly beautiful piece of music  ( 8-10 minute mark ) sung by the Scottish National Youth Choir in Belgium this week for the Passchendaele centenary. The girls look very Scottish and the lilt of the accent is clear. A very Scottish sound  :


Heda said...

Sophie looks as those one of those mischievious Scotish imps has been playing with her hair. Wonderful choir made all the more so because those boys would be the same age as many of the troops. Passchendaele is significant for Aiustralians too.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Rolf is quite the looker... and there was Sophie in her best 'waif' hair do! The ceremonies and performances of remembrance were sublime and fittingly wrenching. YAM xx

Sheila said...

With a fringe trim and more white around the muzzle, Rolf could be a miniature Bob. What a lucky find at the flea market.
Thank you for the link...definitely stirs the emotions.

Emm said...

A real Petit Prince sketch? Oh, my. It deserves good care, indeed.

Unknown said...

Rolf is a little charmer, even though his charms are lost upon Sophie.

causer659 said...

Thank you for recommending the celebration at Ypres. Quite moving.

MOPL said...

Mlle Sophie is quite the diva. She knows that Rolf is enamored but it really is a case of you can look but keep your distance Sir. So Sophie. What a lucky find at the Flea market. Absolutely lovely and beautifully framed.