Monday, January 16, 2023

Sensory pique

The cold weather has arrived but it's sunny and the chill wind has disappeared. This makes it the perfect day to head down to the beach for some sea gull chasing. We end up spending an hour on the sand. The water along the tideline has frozen. The PONette finds this intriguing. Sophie says hello to two fast moving runners, three  joggers and three golf course grounds men. One of the grounds men is an old misery who ignores her. The others are happy to have a wee chat. None of them is carrying Jaffa Cakes.

On our way home we take a short cut through the back lanes where there's an old medieval chapel. It has a side aisle that used to be used by the inhabitants of the medieval leper colony that once stood here.

After the gales stones have been dislodged and have started to fall from the ruins of the cathedral. Visitors are kept safely away from any dangerous areas by a series of metal fences. They do not deter Sophie and her companion. 'Inspections' are underway.

Dog and master share a bacon roll. Sophie, who is now recognized as a cafe regular, gets a shortbread finger alongside a bowl of water. The parking spaces outside the cafe aren't big enough for the  Volvo.  Angus has to drive over the kerb to get it safely in from the road. Proximity to a lamp post makes the sensors on board have a fit. Lights glow and klaxons blare.



Coppa's girl said...

Poor Sophie - I'm beginning to think that there is a world-wide shortage of Jaffa cakes! Love the first photo -
of her - "The mistress of all she surveys"!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I do find all the sensors on cars these days are determined to take away any control the driver has... meanwhile, here by The Hutch, birds seem to be under the impression spring has arrived. I fear they will discover it to have been fake news! YAM xx

Travel said...

Sounds like a delightful day. It is good to test those sensors from time to time to make sure they haven't become complacent.

Jake of Florida said...

Love the second photo of our diva where we can see how beautiful she is with her perfect muzzle and bangs trim.

rottrover said...

Sophie, the restaurant where I met the PONette was a Tex-Mex (imagine! in California!) with a great patio. They serve brisket tacos!! Hoping the PONette's human shares some with her because they are yummy! Neither of the Rottweilers has earned the Good Behavior badge necessary for restaurant visits!

The chapel is wonderful!

Allison said...

We're currently driving with a bike rack on the back, and our assigned parking place has a pole off to the right of the right front quarter panel and a giant cactus off the front. The car seems to be afraid for her life every time we turn it on.