Tuesday, January 31, 2023

It's a gift.

An eclectic start of day chat with the Manhattanites. The last Boeing 747 has rolled of the assembly line, the White House won't supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters ( but Poland would like to ) , the German Chancellor is in Brazil, Israel has attacked an Iranian munitions plant and Atlanta wants to host the Democrats 2024 Convention.

Sophie has once again fallen asleep in her 'secret ' space between the curtains and the patio doors. She waits until the phone call is over then barks to let me know where she is. The sound of her tail thwacking against the window surround had already  given her location away. Thankfully none of the 'dark suits' asked what the drumbeat noise in the background was. Every start of the day with Sophie combines theatre and laughter. Showgirl and comedienne - It's a gift.

The farmer is out picking up the last bales of hay from the big field in front of the wee cottage. 'How's yer back Angus ?' he shouts out by way of greeting. He's hoping that we get some rain. The strong , cold winds are drying out the soil. We speak about yesterdays mother of pearl clouds - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-64450253 . Far out at sea they were quite a sight. I'd only ever seen clouds like this once before. We discuss the relative merits of physiotherapists and osteopaths. The farmer may plough the field the week after next.

In the bookstore I pick up some books 'The Font' has ordered. They're open just after seven which must be some sort of record. The staff are all young, polite and enthusiastic. One of them asks me if I know this poem. I do.

At the good coffee cafe there's a queue. The students are back . Sophie is the centre of attention. Her tail wags. A German girl provides a small piece of croissant. This is gratefully received. Angus is ignored.

Easter Eggs continuing to take up ever more shelf space in the supermarket.

Unlike Haggis which seem to have been over ordered ahead of Burns night.

So starts a windy Tuesday morning on the Scottish coast with a fun loving Polish Lowland Sheepdog in search of mischief ... wherever she can find it.


WFT Nobby said...

I'm still getting over the fact that St Andrews has a bookshop open just after seven am. Is this a sign that students not only get up early but do actually buy books? And not just from Amazon? Heartening news anyway.
Did the physiotherapist help the trapped nerve?

Coppa's girl said...

It's so true that a dog will receive more attention than it's owner. For years I have always been known by the name of my dog, though more confusing when I had three, so most people settled on the name of the oldest.
What on earth are M&S going to do with all those left-over Haggis? They must have someone, somewhere thinking up a suitable re-name that will appeal to everyone. Scottish stew maybe?
Looks like lovely weather for the start of another perfect day for Sophie - and you too.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
A lot of Scots eat haggis all year round...

I was unfamiliar with that poem - I am grateful for your sharing of it. YAM xx

Travel said...

I can remember the first 747, in 2019 we took the factory tour - it focussed on that assembly line. Such a sweet little doggies, with so many gifts.

suej said...

Thank you for the poem - which I didn't know. Needed right now more than ever. Hope the back is mending. Very French to say THE back and not YOUR back.

Anonymous said...

Needed that poem. Thank you for sharing it. Too bad there are, as I recall, onions in haggis. Otherwise it would be safe to cook some up for Sophie.

The Life of Riley said...

Beautiful clouds. We just have heavy rain clouds, with major flooding and land slips Friday (258mm in 24 hrs which is almost twice previous historical record. Auckland is now in "state of emergency'. Even ore torrential rain, flooding, houses and trees down slips, etc last night and sadly 4 deaths.

The Life of Riley said...

Also, Auckland international airport has been out of action after a plane landed on the flooded runway, lost control, and took out the landing lights Friday night, as well as ankle-deep water throughout the terminal. So much for summer in NZ!