Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Three feet of snow in parts of Switzerland overnight. The Los Angeleans say it's the same in Soda Springs. Angus has never heard of Soda Springs but keeps this thought to himself. Winter finally seems to have found its groove. Here, it's another cloudless, cold morning. The sort of weather the PONette loves. Under that three inch thick double layer coat she's as snug as a bug in a rug. George Santos and a dying dog makes it into this mornings conversation .

We think of parking by the band stand and wandering from there down to the beach. It is not to be. All the spaces are taken. Term time is well and truly under way and with it an influx of student cars. We opt instead for the fancy golf club car park. We're not supposed to park there but the grounds men know us - or at least know Sophie. Rules are ignored - or are more malleable -  where dogs are concerned. 

Sophie pays careful attention to the herd of black sheep. She maintains a close physical presence to Angus in case of trouble. The family diva knows that when it comes to black sheep a girl can never be too careful.

Down on the beach there's a small overly friendly dog of indeterminate breed. This is studiedly ignored as are the early rising joggers. A group of bearded male runners are chased. They are of the serious runner variety and ignore her. Arthritic Archie is nowhere to be seen.

Daffodils in the supermarket. £1 a bunch. Usually they appear just before Easter. This year they're early. Retailers must be looking for every chance they can to get people to start spending. 

There's time for a quick walk along the track outside the gate to check to see whether the ice on the puddles has melted. It hasn't.

 Unusual video of the day :


Diary of a Nobody said...

I have woken up to snow in Brittany, difficult to tell yet if it is enough to cause any sort of chaos .

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie is so sensible to ignore those black sheep - not for nothing does their name have a bad reputation!
Much colder here too this morning and a day for snuggling indoors with the heating on. Yesterday's strong wind has turned gale force, so we shan't be venturing out yet awhile. The cold weather from the north has finally made it south.
Find the idea of the hang-gliding couch somewhat unbelievable, although the video looks genuine enough.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Well done on the sheep watch, Sophie dear.

That paraglide vid has been around for a few years now. I had lots of questions about it... and they were answered by Flightcoach Bos in the video, "Real or FAKE? - Flying Couch Potato analyzed". Hasan nailed that landing! YAM xx

Travel said...

Chasing bearded runners sounds like a good start to the day. The flowers look nice, I have the perfect vase for them.

Jake of Florida said...

We woke up to George Santos and a dying dog too. Perhaps now that a dog (and a veteran) are involved, outrage will move where political farce has not.

Diaday said...

Winter isn't a month old but I sure am looking forward to bouquets of daffodils in the stores. It's nice to have friends in all sorts of places, like the groundskeepers.