Friday, January 6, 2023

The Italian way.

One of the Manhattanites makes the caustic comment that Anglos-Saxons used to sneer at the Italian parliament with its ever changing governments and interminable procedural votes. It now seems that the Brits and Americans have not only adopted the Italian model but are taking it to new levels of unruliness. 

It's one of those windy mornings that shakes the windows and sets the gutters rattling.  Even Sophie, safe and warm behind a three inch thick double layer of fur, is taken aback by the strength of the gusts. Down by the water the gulls, geese and oystercatchers see us, shriek, fly twenty yards out to sea and then return to the shelter of the rocks. Four deer which been grazing on the lush grass between the farmers field and the edge of the cliff eye us warily. I've not seen the deer for some time. The fact that they're coming this close to the front door must be a sign that winter food stocks are running low.

Sophie returns from her morning tour of the village looking like the party girl she is. Wind, sand , seaweed, muddy puddles and an inquisitive nature will do that.

A first edition ( in English ) of Crime and Punishment in the window of the second hand book shop. The book shop window is an eclectic and ever changing attraction. It is next door to the Gospel Hall which has a hand stencilled sign in the window asking ' Are you washed in the blood of the lamb ?'  

We drop off some batteries for the television remote at the wee house in town. Sophie and Angus pop out to the cafe and bring home a bacon sandwich which we eat while doing our best not to make a mess.  On a dark and windy January morning I wonder why we chose a grey colour scheme for the interior. A tartan foot stool has made a surprising appearance.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
It's still pitch black outside the Hutch's window this morning, so you are doing well over there... as for the colour scheme, I swear that there was a period in time when the only shades of paint or wallpaper or fabric that could be purchased were one of fifty shades of grey... YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

I think the purple run more than makes up for the grey walls.

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie looks like a girl without a (hair) care in the world!
I've never understood the appeal of grey - particularly when decorating, although of late certain shades have been fashionable. The only non-new build house we bought in the early 1970's, was painted grey - everywhere - walls, woodwork, and the carpets were a depressing shade of grey too. The previous owners came back to collect something and were absolutely horrified to see that everywhere was painted white and all the carpets had been changed. They had moved into a new-build and were busy painting everywhere grey!

Tigger's Mum said...

With the right colours to lift it grey is a fairly neutral offering which can be dressed up, but having worked 4 years in a sunless office painted mudflat grey with navy blue 'highlights', F can report (and Mr T confirms) the environment it created could only be described as bleak. (The effect was completed with grey faux wood flooring, grey tiles in kitchen, grey work surfaces and desks, grey melamine doors, cupboard doors and filing cabinets, grey sofas in the reception, and grey/anodized coat stands. What were the architects thinking?)

Anonymous said...

Pretty room. Grey is considered very chic. Unfortunately sunless days, even though bright, turn chic into dreary. My experience only.

Travel said...

Great bookstores and a sweet companion will keep you warm and happy.

Jake of Florida said...

Intriguing cover on Crime and Punishment. I know it looks old, but the identified translators are more recent (circa 1990s) than those originally renowned for their Dostoevsky translations . A puzzlement only to a nerdy Russian lit major of way way back. (And whose walls, bedroom carpet, and kitchen floor tiles are all in shades of grey!)

rottrover said...

Sophie, you are indeed a happy mess this morning!

Gemma's person said...

They built a new building for a local McDonald's restaurant.
Made it from textured concrete blocks and painted it grey.
At first it looked like a we just ignore it.
Sophie is enjoying life to its fullest , lucky girl.