Tuesday, February 7, 2023

A rich and ordered life.


President Bidens trip to Poland to mark the 1st anniversary of the Ukraine war, tonights State of the Union speech, a state visit by Britains new king to France, Chinese balloons and earthquakes in Syria and Turkey among this mornings topics of conversation with the super smart Los Angeleans. While I talk Sophie dozes with her eyes and nose facing me through the curtains. The rest of her is invisible. From time to time her tail thwacks against the patio doors as a ' do get a move on' reminder that we have a village to go and check.

The days now getting markedly longer and brighter. After talking to the Los Angeleans Angus looks out of the window and quietly marvels at the pallets of this  mornings sunrise.

The Royal Navy ship is still out in the bay. It's been there for four, coming on five, days. Has it broken down or is it sheltering from a storm ?   A group of kayakers paddle past as Sophie and Angus discuss these mysteries of seamanship. The kayakers disturb the cormorants who stop drying their wings and fly off to safety. I'm assuming the kayakers are students. Who else but late teens would be out and about on Scottish waters in February at daybreak ?

While 'The Font' segues into a new day Angus and Sophie head off for a walk on the beach and a restorative coffee and bowl of water at the cafe by the golf club. Sophie's fur is now increasingly turning from black to grey. I tell her she looks distinguished. This may or may not be true. The groundsmen have laid paving on the turf by the bridge on the old course. This has caused an uproar in golfing circles. Retired colonels have swamped the air waves in outrage at this act of vandalism. Sophie and Angus detour to see what the fuss is all about but a Dutch television crew are standing there interviewing irate local worthies. We retrace our steps before Sophie makes her opinions heard.https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-64538420  Such has been the outcry that in a hasty turnaround the works are to be removed - https://standrews.com/articles/swilcan_bridge_works_update

A number of hideous apartment blocks have been built on the site of the old police station. They are inexcusably ugly and the flats inside are expensive ( the first to go for more than £10,000 a square metre ) which may explain why they're also  cell like tiny. How could they ever have got planning permission to build such things in the heart of the old medieval town?

The hyacinths have gone from the window of the house nest door to the good coffee cafe.  A jug of fresh roses has taken their place. There are always  flowers in the window. This hints at a rich and ordered life . The velvetine covered furniture suggests it's the home of a lady of a 'certain' age. Before getting in the car and heading home we wander down to the hotel with the French breakfast cook. He's not there so Sophie starts her day 'sausage free'.


WFT Nobby said...

Love the photo of the fresh roses in the window. My thoughts on hearing about the Old Course paving row - a classic case of misdirected anger in a world with so many real problems. I'm afraid even the super-smart Angelenos have not yet learnt how to predict earthquakes.
Ear rubs to the very distinguished Sophie.
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie doesn't look quite so unkempt this morning. Not a good start to her day when there isn't even the promise of a sausage.
Can only agree with Gail's comment on the Old course paving row. Have they nothing better to vent their ire on? Plastic grass - oh dear!
A beautiful sunrise but your poor garden looks as though it's been well and truly battered by the wind.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I 'third' the previous comments... and am attracted as much to the ceramic bowl as the roses in that window (as am currently researching Glasgow's industrial pottery heritage for a blog post and had seen one of that shape/design last week). Red sky morning, eh?....... YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

I've read that PONs can go back and forth between black and grey because of the fading factor - nothing to do with age, ahem.

Gemma's person said...

I thought about Sophie and her doorway curtain she often stuck her nose through..relaxing.
It was two or three days ago. Thanks , she still has the cover of curtains.

Travel said...

And interesting view of the world, and a certain corner of it. I wonder how Sophie sees all of this.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! And we so often hear, “why do these young people have such strong sense of entitlement?” They’ve been taught it by the actions and opinions of the selfish and privileged for generations.
A Fan in US

rottrover said...

This morning my computer took me from an "active shooter" safety training video from the university where I teach to the row at your golf course! Gail's right, I fear! What a world. Thank goodness for dogs!