Monday, February 13, 2023

High in caffeine


First light. The architect from the cottage by the crossroads is out with her labradors. She stops to tell us that she's seen a ring-necked duck. From the modulating lilt to her voice it can be assumed that this is something rare and wonderful. Angus, who wouldn't recognize a ring-necked duck if it landed on his head, does his best to respond to this information with a suitable level of enthusiasm. The architect has also seen the humpbacked whale again. 

'The Font' is going to Edinburgh later today. Sophie will be left without a car and will need to face sub-par cooking. Bacon and sausages are picked up in readiness. There are no tattie scones on the supermarket shelves but there are potato farls which look like the next best thing. Sophie is not a great fan of her masters cooking but there's only so much he can do to ruin a sausage.

In the supermarket car park a Mini with a large can of Red Bull strapped to its back. Students must consume huge quantities of this.

Two golfers heading out to the fourth tee with a small dog following along behind. The dog never wanders far. This is a very sensible way for family dogs to get exercise.  It is highly improbable that anyone in their right mind would go golfing with a havoc wreaking PON. They most certainly wouldn't go out twice.

Onto the beach. Sophie loves going to the beach. After six months of going there twice a day it still gets her tail waving. The family diva is getting a little braver now.  This morning she walks into the sea so that her paws are covered.

Our journey back to the car is interrupted by Archie the arthritic Labrador, an inquisitive  bassett and a very clingy beagle. We also meet a Jack Russell of greatly advanced years who literally stops and stares at the vision of loveliness in front of him. There would have been a time when Sophie would have barked at these interlopers . Now she greets them like long lost friends.

A fun discovery outside LA . Strange how the cost of eating out in the US seems to have skyrocketed since Covid. The Manhattanites say that the restaurant and hotel sectors can't get the staff which is rebalancing the economy into new sectors. People are shifting out of hospitality into higher paying and less tiring employment. This hotels three course dinner for $95 almost looks reasonable :

Interesting blog  :

The movie that is set to come to the cinema later this month is apparently quite good ( although the plot line is still beyond my understanding ) :


WFT Nobby said...

That dogs are sometimes (though not always) tolerated on golf courses in Scotland seem to me a great point in this country's favour! I've frequently seen dogs unofficially accompanying golfers on the public course at Hazlehead in Aberdeen. But surely not on the Old Course??

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie seems to like the vast open vistas of the beach.
Our house in the UK backed onto the local golf course. An ancient public right of way (mentioned in the Doomsday Book!) crossed the fairway, and several newer public pathways crossed between the greens. For years I walked the dogs along the paths, with the older Lab "acquiring" stray golf balls he happened to find on the way. I'm not sure if it was allowed for golfers to take their dogs along when they played, but there were nearly always dogs - on and off leads, roaming around beside the greens.

Diaday said...

College students and their Red Bull...either for that kick to wake up and get moving for classes or else mixed with vodka for the all night party animal. I took a couple sips once. No thank you.

Melinda from Ontario said...

I generally enjoy a good apocalyptic movie but 'A Knock at the Cabin' sounds too emotionally draining for me. I need the survivors to start overcoming their circumstances fairly early on.
Sophie's living in dog heaven with her two beach walks a day. I think she'll enjoy a bit of sausage tonight without complaint.

Jake of Florida said...

"Lugubrious" is the word one reviewer here used for the movie. I'm not a horror movie fan so will take his word for it. As for dogs and golfers, our townhouse community sits on a golf course...we're on the 17th hole...and our wiry boys have always enjoyed their walks there, but only before and after play times. Definitely not when golfers are on the course. Jake and Just Harry loved to find golf balls and now Joey in his time does too. Two or three every week times 22 the math!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vision of Loveliness - that so describes Sophie !
Wendy (Wales)

rottrover said...

The Ojai Valley Inn is a gem; as is Ojai itself! You've planted a seed! Something tells me that you and Sophie will be just fine tonight.