Friday, February 10, 2023

Cost conscious demographic.

Sophie barks at a pigeon that's sitting preening itself on one of the gate piers. The pigeon dutifully flies off. Sophie swaggers into the back of the car with a ' I certainly told him ' gait. 

To the beach. For me just another start of day walk. For my shaggy companion a time of high adventure and endless horizons. Oystercatchers to pursue, dogs to say hello to, maritime scents to savour ( she discovers sea urchins this morning ) and runners to chase. Male runners tend to the humorless. Females are more likely to stop and give her a tickle. 

A white flag on a pole at the fourteenth tee flaps in a way that attracts her complete attention and brings our walk to a halt. We stay like this until Sophie decides that a flapping flag is not a threat. This takes some time.

The Paperchase store  in town is closing down. The latest victim of the slowdown in the economy. 20% off everything . There is also a 3 for 2 on Valentines Day cards which must appeal to a cost conscious Scottish Casanova demographic.

Aberdeen Angus souvenirs are spreading. A large picture of a 'coo' appears in the Highland Shop window. Next door to it an Aberdeen Angus in a kilt.

We park the black Volvo by the newsagents and go to pick up the local paper. Sophie and Angus then proceed to the cafe that serves Jaffa Cakes. To say this makes my companion happy would be an understatement. Her tail whacks like a metronome on acid against the table legs. 

Contrails in the sky this morning. The RAF are practising full throttle touch and goes at the local airbase.

Mexico's rescue dogs head to Turkey :


WFT Nobby said...

The cost conscious Scottish Casanova demographic is probably quite a sizeable market. Especially here in Aberdeen!
PS Highland 'coo' very shaggy and usually (but not always) reddish brown/ginger, Aberdeen Angus smoother coated and (always??) black!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
As my esteemed friend has observed above, those are most definitely Hielan' Coos and nae Aibherdeins in yon window, Angus. Take it from one with OCD... Obsessive Coo Disease! That small matter aside, at least they make a better subject than dressed-up lop-legged "Hillside Haggis" as a symbol of this Bonny Land. YAM xx

Tigger's Mum said...

Tigger congratulates Sophie on 'telling' that wood pigeon. The pesky things need a good telling and regularly, but Tigger is tired of it because they never seem to learn. Dumb birds.

Travel said...

Sophie has jobs to do, protect you from the birds, and flapping flags, and other threats. I like to Coos.

elginknitter said...

Gosh, that looks like a UFO in the last photo! :)

Coppa's girl said...

It looks like a good opportunity to stock up on Valentine's cards for the next ten years.
No wood pigeons here, but oh, so many pesky seagulls - perhaps Sophie will give Indy some lessons on how to see them off?
The video of the dogs off to help with rescue in Turkey brought a lump to my throat - what magnificent animals.I wish them, and their handlers, a safe return home.

Jake of Florida said...

Another doubletake this morning until I realized you were talking about a "coo" and not an Aberdeen Angus avatar of "you."

rottrover said...

Thanks for sharing the tweet abut the rescue dogs heading to Turkey. I hope they're not too late.