Sunday, August 25, 2013

All will be well.

 A constant amazement to us how completely different Bob and Sophie are in temperament.

If music could reflect their characters this would be Sophie. ( Skip to 5:00 )

And this undoubtedly Bob. 


Written after a very agitated night when Abigail , the moustachioed village cat ,  came to sit  on the Rickety Old Farmhouses front doorstep. Sophie's full lunged reaction to this intrusion lasted from 4.24 until 4.54 when Angus was finally despatched downstairs to 'quieten things down '.


  1. Wonderful! I must say that Gabe Dixon is a more restful Sunday morning companion than Cecilia Bartoli!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS you might have started a trend here Angus. I am already thinking about which music best reflects Bertie's temperament..

    1. PPS Bertie's song just has to be 'Bring me Sunshine' (Morecambe and Wise)

  2. Sophie's just a bit hyperactive? But throws herself into the moment!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Thank you Bob. After encountering the largest house spider I have ever seen in the bedroom last night, I needed to hear something calming.

    Have a great day.


  4. And you thought Sophie was the shy retiring type !

  5. I think Sophie and Todd are two peas on a pod, and Bob and our Goldens would get along wonderfully!

    Whatever the 'tempo' may be, I hope your Sunday is an enjoyable one!

  6. Sophie's full lunged reaction is her "joie de vivre", and I love it, but maybe not at 4.24am.
    I think my Brownie is more like Bob naturally, but when the monkeys come around he's definitely full lunged!!!
    Have a restful and peaceful Sunday.

  7. How do Cecilia and Sophie DO that without fainting? I felt dizzy just watching the clip. Gail is correct. I shall spend the rest of the day pondering what tune suits Buzzy Mcduff and the Pip best.

  8. My blood pressure rose with the C. Bartoli clip and now ahhh is so nice right now listening to the Gabe Dixon Band.
    Did everyone get back to sleep after 4:54AM?

  9. if you want to become even more famous than you already are ...
    you could always record and make a video of the early morning operatic shenanigans and post it on youtube!
    the pictures today are priceless!
    i say that every time don't i.
    they are.

  10. Sophie can sing Vivaldi? That's hard to do, maybe you could get her on one of those teevee talent shows, make a fortune. And now I'm pondering musical interludes to describe my various dogs over time.
    Nice to see pictures with dog eyes visible.

  11. Pardon me while I howl out loud, er. laugh. There two definitely belong on a talent show of some sort! I would vote for them on the "cuteness" factor

  12. Your posts are always entertaining and a highlight of my day - EVERY day. But today's is really special. So creative and funny. And as for yesterday's pics of the new baby cows, may they have long happy fully-fed lives with tons of cool water to drink, bless them. Thanks, Angus.

  13. First she is shooed out of the kitchen by a stranger, like she is just a common dog or something! Then a village cat has the audacity to take up residence on her front door step. It would be enough to make any young lady of consequence a little frantic.

  14. Ah, the joy of puppies... Love the contrast.

  15. Spot on Louise. And Angus, thank you. So now we know.