Friday, August 30, 2013

Fear clogs ; faith liberates.

This morning we discover Conkers. The PON's don't think much of their taste but are greatly taken with the way they can be rolled around between nose and paws.

Home to find Caroline , the cleaner, already at work. She orders Bob and Sophie out of the kitchen. Sophie is not sure that Caroline will make it onto her Christmas card list. The princess wanders out into the garden with a ' Moi ? Surely there is some mistake ? ' look in her eyes.

Day 2 of the jam factory jamboree. A collection of 1960's Renault Caravelle convertibles ( do 5 Renaults and an old Citroen make a collection ? ) parked under the market hall.  Beside them a bulky, shaven headed, young man doing a break dance routine for the ladies from the old folks home. The ladies from the old folks home cluster together, unsure whether this is performance art or a medical condition. They clearly don't see many break dancers in this part of France profonde. Bob and Sophie are mightily impressed and are disappointed I won't let them join in the fun.

 A powerful smell of wild mint in the field verges . Roses, lavender, garlic, melon and now mint. The scents of the seasons. After their morning walk the PON's smell strongly of mint.


  1. I don't doubt that Bob and Sophie could put on a pretty impressive break dance routine should they choose. But I did wonder if the man with the crutches had positioned himself directly in front of the performer as a caution against overdoing things.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Even the two nice old Renaults have a surprised look on their face.
    Two mint smelling puppies - how delicious.

  3. Break dancing on cobbles must e very uncomfortable. I must admit to being unsure as to whether you'd taken a photo of some poor guy taking a spectacular tumble!

    And Teena & Merlin's comment reflects mine exactly: minty fresh PONs: what a joy!

  4. SHE wishes we smelt of mint after our wandering....we're usually a bit more pungent.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I first thought you meant one should be wary of Dutch shoes!

  6. Sophie's Christmas card list may be shorter this year, but she'll still have lots of others to send greetings out to.
    The PONS smelling like mint after their walk reminded of one of my recent posts...see it here:
    Break dancing in deepest France profonde, how absurd is that?
    By the way, how is Madame Bay doing?

  7. Caroline really is efficient, not even a fresh minty PON is allowed in the kitchen?

    As I write this I've decided that it's a slow day for news as our local news is reporting that the 'master and founder of Prancercise' is coming to DC and for $39 you can attend one of her 90 minute classes--I wonder if there will be a video made of her prancercising her way past the Washington monument, the White House and other iconic places?

    1. Prancerise coming to DC ? Could there be ay better way of spending $39 ?

  8. It certainly looks beautiful in your corner of the world today. Maybe the ladies at the church should invite the break dancer to be their next model...

  9. I, too, thought at first that was a picture of someone who'd just fallen. Lovely new header picture.

  10. Performance art or a medical condition....this is truly a sentence that is not used every day but brought a chuckle to mine.....

    All hail jam!

  11. I think it must takes a special kind of personality to break dance on bumpy concrete for a small group of elderly people, but at least he wasn't sticking his tongue out.

    Mmmm, would love to give Bob and Sophie a big hug today (and everyday) but especially today as they are all minty fresh. Just need a bowl of new potatoes and butter to go with them.