Thursday, August 1, 2013

Those who look fixedly at gold lose their sight.

The morning walk with Bob. Out along the ridge, past the sunflower fields, a quick drink from the stream, back across the village green, a brief christening of the fire hydrant by the war memorial, then home. Our daily PON parade .

Mid morning. The repairmen for the hi-tech solar powered swimming pool cover arrive - unannounced. Bob and Sophie greet them at the gate . Earlier in the week they dropped off the screws for the control panel . Today they've come  to fix them in place. We view this as a positive development.

In the evening Angus goes to close the pool cover ( after a spate of toddler drownings French laws about leaving pools uncovered are very strict ). He turns the key. Nothing happens. He tries it again. Ditto. The repairmen have replaced the screws but taken away the control panel. This  development is viewed less positively.


  1. Never ends......sorry we're laughing. In Oz you have to have a pool fence. Still seem to be toddler drownings each year, though.

    Love the pups looking through the gate waiting for the next group of visitors.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Beautiful surroundings for a walk - you can almost feel the summer heat coming off picture 3

    I'm afraid I wouldn't have your enduring patience with the 'repair' men - there would have to be a reenactment of a scene from Midsomer Murders!

    Have Fun X

  3. Understatement... you really keep your cool with the workmen, I found out after 15 years if I start acting like the locals they started to take me serious - so I watched some Sophia Loren films to get some inspiration...
    Love the puppies at the gate - awesome. Love from southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Kirilirilirli

  4. Why on earth would the repairmen take the control panel and not say so? They're driving me bonkers from way over here.
    I hope they show up soon to make it all work right again.

  5. Beautiful photos of the sunflower to brighten the day. And of course there can never been enough shots of Bob and Sophie at the front gate.

  6. At least the pool is uncovered so you have use of it.
    S&B will let you know if any toddlers show up.

  7. Oooooo! I bet that was a colorful phone call!

    1. All the colours of the tricolore . Red, white and blue !

  8. I wonder what are the chances of them coming back with the control panel before the guarantee runs out......!!
    You need the patience of a saint to cope with this !!

  9. Hope you get it sort out, Mr. Angus.

    Kisses to Bob and Sophie.

    The Missus

  10. Pool fences with double gated entries that have a specific type of closure that take two hands to open are required where I used to live. Makes me wonder how we ever managed to grow up.

    I love when they both stand on the back legs and greet visitors. Absolutely captivating!