Monday, December 21, 2015

Almost a 'moment'.

Turbocharged. This is the only way to describe the PON duo's excitement at the start of a new day. Sophie hurtles out of the front door and disappears into the orchard in pursuit of something only she can see. 

Previous generations of PONs were enthusiastic but these two seem to  have the happiness bug on steroids. ' The Font' wonders if it's perhaps it's a sign that we're the ones that are slowing down ?

Off with the angelic duo to Toulouse.

There is a group of people outside the City Hall wearing Santa hats. We stand and watch in the belief they might be about to do something. We are disappointed. We wait five minutes then wander off. They continue doing nothing. 

A moment of high drama at the outdoor cafe on the Place du Capitole. A Poodle is sitting on a chair at a table. A very French scene. It observes the PONs arrival with haughty disdain. For an awful moment we fear Sophie is about to have a 'diva' moment. Thankfully, the waiter quickly brings a croissant. This diffuses what could have been a 'tense' encounter. The Poodles owners are oblivious to the excitement unfolding two tables away. They must be Parisians. Angus notes that there is a knotted little black plastic bag under the Poodles chair. One of those incidental things dog owners notice. Perhaps the 'Poo'dle isn't so haughty after all.

While 'The Font' and Sophie go to the market for smoked salmon Bob and Angus go to the fancy wine merchant. Bob is tickled under the chin by the staff. He feigns insouciance then settles down by the 'Grand Burgundies' for a nap. Angus is mightily impressed with his choice of where to doze.

Just another day with two healthy dogs . Events too unimportant to be recorded in a diary but too much part of life to be completely forgotten.


Coppa's girl said...

Alas, Angus, one fears 'The Font' may be right !
Would you expect anything else from Bob's choice - he's been well trained by his master !
What an exciting life the happy duo lead - a chance to go to the big city - and be welcome.

WFT Nobby said...

Bob, may I join you?
Toodle pip!

Julie said...

A croissant can defuse any awkward moment!

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Luckily there wasn't a shitzu!

Unknown said...

Is Bob seeing a new hair stylist? Sophie's coiffure is almost demure by comparison.

rottrover said...

Are the 'cost centers' coming for Christmas?

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think minus barking at passing pilgrims the day ticked all the boxes -- Well done!

Angus said...

We are for the first time 'empty nesters.

Angus said...

The Post Lady has been off work for a week. She showed up today with a backlog of mail. Thank you so much for the Wine Spectator - to be read cover to cover after lunch - and the devoted book of dogs. Have a most wonderful New Year !