Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Look down and wonder.

Another beautiful morning. There are three deer on the village green. They hurry away before the PONs notice. A huge flock of starlings dart and weave through the heavily mistletoed oak copse. Jays everywhere. The emerald blue of their wings a hint of June in December. Sophie watches Bob leap across the ditch and onto the muddy field. She follows him. So we progress down the hill. A dog owner and two ditch leaping dogs intent on having fun.

A large motor coach stops outside the church and disgorges a group of pilgrims. They head off towards the Holy Well, led by a lady with stout shoes and a clip board. The chattering throng returns half an hour later to eat their sandwiches on the low wall that surrounds the Salle des Fetes. Bob and Sophie are intrigued by this activity. Or rather I should say they are intrigued by the pilgrims sandwiches. The pilgrims are only of secondary interest.

Bob sits guarding on his stump set for an hour after they've gone. Sophie gets bored quickly and heads off in search of moles. She never finds any but the deep holes in the lawn tells you she excavates in hope.

The sun sets. Darkness falls. Lights are switched on in The Rickety Old Farmhouse. On the other side of the lane The Old Farmers decorations burst into life. Pilots on night flights into Toulouse must look down and wonder.


Coppa's girl said...

Another best day ever !
One has to admit that the Old Farmer's illuminations are a smidgen overdone, but at least you won't need a torch on the PON's night-time walk !
Dread to think how much his electricity bill is .....or does he have an "alternative" source to link all those lights to?

WFT Nobby said...

Does Angus too join in with the ditch leaping?
The thought crosses my mind that the Old Farmer could be in danger of arrest for anti-aircract terrorist activity.
Cheers, Gail.

Julie said...

Of course, the pilots could be more confused without the lights of the Old Farmer, they probably look forward to his navigation aid each year!

Kari said...

There is a holy well in your village? Where have I been!
The decorations are Rather bright. I,also, suspect some creative wiring for their source of power.

Angus said...

Some 'creative' wiring is involved.

Angus said...

My days of ditch leaping are sadly gone.

Angus said...

They certainly make navigation easier.

Angus said...

To the uninitiated it looks just like any other well. What makes it 'holy' is a mystery shrouded in time.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

That is one mighty bright wee house! :)