Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas delights.

The sky hints at snow but there is no ice on the dogs water bowl at the front door.

We have got through the night without burst pipes.

Even better. The plumber shows up at ten past eight.

The good news is he repairs the boiler.

The bad news - we've had a delivery of bad fuel that has clogged the feed pipe from the tank to the furnace.

The plumber can't remove the sediment. That's a 'specialists' job.

The problem could reappear and the system could 'breakdown at any time' he adds cheerfully.  

The PONs are keen to help the plumber. Heating oil, grease and dogs are not a combination made in heaven. They are 'encouraged' into the library where they sit and mope.

Angus heads off with them to the modern cafe at the shopping centre. Buchette de Noel make an appearance. Bob and Sophie and their master share a croissant. The young lady behind the counter keeps three customers waiting while she brings over a bowl of water. Bob is told he's handsome.

The hamburger store set up by two enterprising young Frenchmen reveals its Christmas delights.

Chicken breast, prawns, mango and 'sauce passion' burger for E 6:50 or Duck, foie gras and orange sauce burger for E 9:50. Instead of automatically thinking 'delicious' Angus thinks ' difficult to digest ' - another intimation I've turned into my father.

This 15th century Spanish music is fun . It sounds so modern :


MOPL said...

Did a buchette noel make its way to ROFH? Thank goodness for the plumber's arrival. Should be a great show in the sky tonight

WFT Nobby said...

Not a good week for fuel pipelines. First Forties, now this!

Taste of France said...

Our old furnace used propane, not "fioul," but when we got rid of it and put in a heat pump furnace, we were much warmer and cut our heating bills by more than half. (It uses the existing radiators.) OTOH, it's electric so if the lights go out so does the heat, a rather common occurrence around here when the winds pick up.
Good luck!

Coppa's girl said...

I'm glad my Lab can't read, because she would be so envious. The PON's have so much more fun than she does, even if their owners are tearing their hair out, and having to rent a hotel room for an hour !

Poppy Q said...

The burgers sound a bit overdone and greasy. The cakes look delicious though. Thanks for taking us to the bakery with you.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Love that music. Meanwhile, still trying to locate a plumber for my heating issue... YAM xx

Beau and Mom said...

The young lady behind the counter at the bakery had her priorities straight, serving Bob and Sophie first!!
We hope you heating situation improves and stays consistent.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Catching up on your news. I hope the boiler continues to work and there are no more 1-hour stays at a local hotel.

And, I appreciate and thank-you for your kind words and sharing the thoughtful words from your vet.

sillygirl said...

Does the hotel have a punch card that gives you one free hour after you accumulate 10? You might look into that for future "visits".

Unknown said...

A splendid morning sky.
Sophie looks disconsolate at not being allowed to lend a hand with the repair.
Surely she and Bob know something about sediment removal.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Just saw a news segment on telly, as insects seem to be 'in' at the moment, someone in the Netherlands is developing a 'buffalo worm' burger....