Monday, December 18, 2017

'Limited Edition'.

Sunday was cold and windy. Bob and Angus nestle in a corner of the rugby stadium out of the wind. Bob falls asleep over my feet. The local team amble amiably up and down the pitch. The visiting team does the same. It is a ' low excitement ' event. At half time the young fireman and the young gendarme from Saint-Etienne come over to greet Bob. He is not particularly taken with either. Jaffa Cakes might have improved his social interaction skills.

This morning The Old Farmer is up early. The '' star '' that has guided generations of pilots coming into Toulouse has suffered from metal fatigue. He's up early repairing the damage. A more tasteful but smaller replacement star has been found. '' My wife loved Christmas '' he informs me. '' I talk to her every morning and every night '' .

Melodrama rules this Monday morning. Bob leaps into the back of the car and sits in Sophie's place. There is a 'diva' moment. 

Bob gets down, Sophie hops up. She sits in her place. He clambers back into his. Cosmic karma is restored.

Sophie has a piece of carrot caught behind her teeth.

Her master removes it.

Bob is surprised, as he is every morning, by the presence of horses in the field at the crossroads. He stops and stares.

'Limited Edition' orange and lemon After Eights appear at the delicatessens. Angus wonders if this innovation for innovations sake is what happened before the Roman empire fell. ' The Font ' isn't sure that mint and lemon After Eights count as Gibbons style decadence.

Zebra lemons in the greengrocers. Unsure of what they are we buy two.

Some Christmas week Berlioz :


Coppa's girl said...

I can't help thinking, that for a very tiny corner of deepest, deepest, France profonde, you have access to some very sophisticated and other worldy "luxuries". Mint and Lemon flavoured After Eights, and zebra striped lemons are surely the height of sophistication !
What a devil Bob is - he knows just how create a Sophie diva moment !

MOPL said...

Oh and I think that you have the orange ones....... if the chocolate is a lovely dark chocolate they are to die for, have not seen them for years. Only in France

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Think those lemons are the lemony equivalent of pink grapefruit... and I shall never properly understand the need to mess with a tried and tested and jolly delicious recipe such as after eight mints! YAM xx

Angus said...

Irritating a sister is all part of the days excitement !

Sheila said...

Here in Texas it requires careful attention to select a simple dark chocolate bar which isn't flavored with something or other, even jalapeno peppers.
Thanks for the lovely Ms. Fleming.

Coppa's girl said...

If you have an Aldi nearby, they sell something similar, a thin wafer mint, which are much nicer than After Eights.

Unknown said...

Dear Bob displays one of a dog’s best qualities: the readiness to be genuinely surprised by joy each day.

WFT Nobby said...

Did the stripey lemons taste any different?

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Having had a brother, Bob's little 'seat' trick, sounds like just a way to annoy his sister. Or perhaps, a bit of passive-aggression?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
The nearest Aldi is an hour and a ferry ride away... they'd have to be gold! Next time am in Edinburgh, though, will have a look :-) Yxx