Sunday, December 3, 2017


Minus 5 when we head out of for the six o'clock sprint round the garden. 

Sophie looks at the super moon and lets out a single whoop of delight.

The PONs are energized by the bracing weather. Their owner less so.

After breakfast, when it's light, we do a tour of the village.

Bob is surprised when the chestnut horse wanders over to say hello.

In the little market town the stylistic Christmas tree has been put up by the council workmen.

A stall selling gaufres attracts the PONs attention. They are 'encouraged' along.

Some Roti de Porc for dinner. Bob and Sophie each get a small slice of sausage.

The day brightens up but remains chill. PON weather.

For the first Sunday in Advent a special gift from the parallel universe that is German TV. Difficult to know where to start on this one. The alarming pyrotechnics in the background, the happy drummer, the solitary lady  miming the flute, the green hair of the dancers , the shadow of the sound boom cast on the audience or the pretense that 'Little Drummer Boy' is an old Russian classic :


WFT Nobby said...

How ever did those singers in the video keep straight faces???

Swan said...

Love the picture of the horse.. Where do you find these YouTube gems?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
.........RIVERDANCE??? Then too, an encore. I skipped out. Or possibly tap danced. Blessed Advent to the ROF from the Hutch. YAM xx

liparifam said...

LOL - but the singing WAS spectacular...

Coppa's girl said...

For a moment I thought, from the first picture, that the ROF had gone into serious competition with the Old Farmer !
Plus five here first thing, and cold most of the day.
The TV set looked very fifties - I was expecting Perry Como to come out and join in, with maybe an encore of "Magic Moments"?

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

I do not think we saw the whole of the performances. There were ladies in long dresses with their hand being held by gentlemen off to the left, standing in most ridged posisitions. I feel certain there was to be a waltz included, perhaps in the third or fourth encore!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Forgot about the super moon last night, but it accompanied us on the early morning walk. It was still huge.