Friday, April 9, 2021


10 degrees warmer this morning. The bitter cold snap over. Nothing like a sunny morning for exploring the garden and making sure there are no C-A-T-S about.  The same can't be said for the weather in Scotland. A brother phones for a chat and to pass on the news that on the islands it's very grey, very wet and very windy. Everyone over 50 on the island has now had their first jab and work has started on administering the second dose. The sense of joy at getting vaccinated seems to be universal - even among Hebrideans. The island hotel is hopeful that it will re-open next month. It is booked solid.

A grey Renault stops as we're heading along the lane. A middle aged man with a scrappy beard winds down the window and asks the way to the neighbouring village. I give him precise instructions. ' When you get to the horse farm turn left and go 800 metres. You'll be there'.  I also add the warning to drive slowly as it's only a few houses and a small church that can be easily missed.

Ten minutes later he passes in the other direction and stops. He couldn't find the village. Seems he drove straight  through it with seeing it. I send him back again.

Sometime ago our village ( pop 67 ) used to include its neighbour ( pop 32 ). The neighbouring village felt that it was neglected by its big cousin and voted for independence,. This, being France, was duly granted.  The two maintain their haughty, if inefficient, independence. Communication and interaction between the two is non-existent. This is devolved government taken to the extreme.

It's been bitterly cold in the north. The Burgundy growers have been lighting fires and using technology to try to keep the frost from damaging the vine buds . This little video clip is what makes news in France so .... French :


  1. At least Angus didn't say "you can't miss it" to the Renault driver.

  2. I suspect the grumpy commentator to the vineyard clip of being American (who else would advertise the fact that they love "monsters and kittens," let alone complain about the helicopter to Greta Thunberg?). Sometimes I am afraid my countrymen have lost their sense of humor.

  3. Hebridean weather here this morning - you could be describing the view from my windows! One day it's bright, sunny and warm, and the next it's grey, cold and raining - most unusual for this time of year.
    Your Wisteria continues to be magnificent - as does Sophie of course.

  4. If two very small villages can't be friendly is there any hope for the world?

  5. Bailey Bob Southern DogApril 9, 2021 at 6:09 PM

    Your Wisteria is glorious! Is Sophie waiting for the front door to magically open?

    1. All PONs know that if you stare at a door long enough it's sure to magically open !

    2. I live in one of Canada's wine areas. We have about 40 wineries in Prince Edward County Ontario. They usually use smudge pots if cold air is expected during growing season. Also later in the summer when the grapes are ripening you can hear the Bird Boppers, at least that is what I call them. The wineries use a gadget that makes a loud noise that sounds like a Bop, Bop, Bop to scare the birds away. We are also on a migratory bird path. The only helicopters going overhead now are those transferring Covid-19 patients from the hot spot of Toronto to Kingston Hospital. Sophie looks lovely as usual as well as the garden. We don't have any leaves out yet.