Friday, April 30, 2021

The rumors on the radio that lockdown will soon be lifted turn out to be true. Nearly half a million  jabs given yesterday and 22% of the population have had at least one dose. With some signs the worst of this wave is past the President announced that the ban on travelling more than six miles from home will end this Sunday. Two weeks after that, on May 19th , restaurants will be allowed to start serving at tables outside. On June 9th foreign travel with proof of vaccination will start up again. All remaining restrictions, pandemic willing, will come off at the end of June in time for the  holiday season. I'm betting that the villagers will ignore the finer details of this timetable and get back to business as usual next week. Our second dose is still scheduled for Tuesday.

For Sophie and her family the important news is that we will soon be able to go back to our walks along the banks of the river and even more importantly head off to the drive thru bakers . There is curly croissant ends in the family divas not too distant future.

On our way to the strawberry farm this golden oldie played on Radio Nostalgie :


  1. Sophie and her family are surely joined by many loyal readers of this blog in looking forward to the return of the daily trip to the bakers.

  2. It is true - the croissant reviews have been sorely missed!

  3. That's great news for us, meaning that there is a good chance we will be able to visit our little bit of paradise in the Loire this summer. Fingers crossed that things go as hoped.
    I bet the boulangerie has missed Sophie (and you, of course!).

  4. Good news! We hope that the quality of the curly croissant ends has not deteriorated during the intervening weeks. Sadly for us, the very best breakfast croissants here are no more - the little café has gone out of business.

  5. Hari OM
    That's an excellent article of common sense on the matter of vaccination... and I add my voice to the 'croissant chorus'! YAM xx

  6. Bailey Bob Southern DogApril 30, 2021 at 3:54 PM

    Yay, croissant reviews in our future. In the second photo, Sophie must have heard the word ‘croissant ‘.