Friday, April 23, 2021


That unmistakable ' It's six fifteen and we should be out and about !' look. Sophie does not hide her feelings.

A brisk walk in the cool morning air down to the stream.

Then home . A chance for the PONette to survey the garden from the front door. When it comes to checking on C-A-T-S a girls work is never done.

After all that excitement  perhaps just the briefest of moments for a restorative nap.

Some of the Manhattanites are thinking of relocating full time from New York to Vero Beach. This travelog on Miami was intriguing :

and introduced me to this Woolly Mammoth garden which isn't a garden :


Lisa in France said...

That is quite a look from Sophie - I assume you got moving pretty quickly being on the receiving end of that! My parents lived in Vero Beach. I cannot believe your Manhattanites will be very happy there unless they are very fond of conch fritters. (Unless perhaps some of the Miami energy has migrated north since I was last there.) We were actually fortunate (?) enough to encounter a corpse flower in bloom once on the Big Island. It was impressive but also pretty strange. Charlie is at the vet's today - he had his neutering operation and the vet also removed six baby teeth that failed to fall out. His operation was a little more complicated than usual, and the vet told us that, ordinarily, they would keep the puppy over night. In this case, however, Charlie is making such an unholy fuss that they've asked us to pick him up in two hours. It is another one of those moments where I feel quite sure that Cherry, who was also frequently sent home "early," is whispering in his ear.

WFT Nobby said...

The wisteria is still photographing well.
I read the piece about Miami and by the end I had a few of my negative preconceptions about the city (which I've never visited) challenged. Interesting.

Angus said...

It is one of those strange but evident universal truths that canine predecessors are always there to whisper in the ear of younger generations. In this way mischief is amplified.

Coppa's girl said...

Has no-one told Sophie that the pesky C-A-T-S wait until she's asleep before they come out to play in the garden? It's taken Inca a long time to work that one out, especially as the ones that visit our garden have the cheek to look through the windows when she's "resting" in the living room! One cat used to knock the window with it's head, in the hope of attracting her attention.
Interesting article on Miami - we first visited in the early 70's, before the first influx of Brits, and were treated as something of a novelty! Best question I remember was for us to "say something in British"! We last visited around 2007, and found the place greatly changed, and far more prosperous than the faded grandeur of the first time.

Allison said...

You might mention to the Manhattanites that Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County is on record as saying that people moving to Florida should not register to vote, and should not vote the stupid way they did up north. Verro Beach is not in Polk, but that attitude is prevalent in Florida.