Monday, November 29, 2021

Heathen parts

Yesterdays award ceremony went well. In fact it went so well it lasted for a full three hours. Through it all The Old Farmer dispensed wine from his tea urn. The Parisian guests were not served from the tea urn. They, and the new mayor, were served wine from a bottle.  The black mask wearing  Parisian visitors did not linger. They were off in a chauffeur driven Citroen within 15 minutes of presenting the old mayor with his gold long service medal. The Parisians must view these trips into the depths of France profonde in much the same way a 19th century explorer would embark on a visit to 'heathen parts'. 

We stood outside and slipped away when we'd been seen by most of our neighbours. There must have been at least ninety folks there. Masks were in evidence at the start of the proceedings but were quickly dispensed with.  There was also much kissing and hand shaking. Our 'aloofness' was probably the right and safest strategy.

This morning we head off to the modern bakers. No croissants today - the bakers already sold out -  but dog and master sit in the back of the car and share a carefully de-raisined pain au raisin.

How interesting that the car park at the hardware store is full to the brim even though it's barely light. Presumably tradesfolk stop here before heading off to their scheduled 'jobs'. With so many folks from the big cities moving to the countryside getting anyone along to do work on The Rickety Old Farmhouse is well nigh impossible. The electrician, who hasn't been seen in six months, has promised to come by on Friday.

A quick detour to the greengrocers. The La Reunion pineapples have shown up. Were pineapples always sold with their stalks ?  I reckon a third of the cost is inedible stalk. 

To the bakers.  In addition to some cakes Angus also buys an advent calendar.

Monday am. To Washington for an all masked up and unusual ( Welsh ? ) Advent song :

Drinking champagne out of these would be fun although perhaps too French for Calvinist tastes :


  1. Well done for your apparently successful execution of a safe but socially acceptable medal ceremony strategy!

  2. I would prefer t see the true colour of the wine I think. So, tat’s a ‘No’ from me. At those prices it’s an easy decision. Perhaps they would work for a dessert like a lemon posset ?

  3. Sounds like a good turn out. Love a fresh pineapple. Some NZ supermarkets have an automatic pineapple cutter in store - on YouTube.

  4. Hari OM
    I second Gails compliment - and thank you sincerely for that wonderful and different song! YAM xx

  5. I agree with the first two comments from Gail and Virginia, especially the thought that the blue glass would turn the champagne a slightly green shade.
    Pineapples here are sold "on the stalk, which as you say, must be at least a third of the cost, and we buy by weight here. The alternative is to buy the fresh pineapple ready prepared, similar to tinned pineapple rings, and which comes in a plastic carton.
    Not a good start to the week if the croissants had already been sold out, so maybe a second best day ever?

  6. It's good that the Old Mayor's contributions to the community have been recognized - even if the Parisians quickly escaped, it is nice that they came. I loved the champagne glasses.

  7. I have always seen fresh pineapple with the green leaves on the top. When the center one's pull out easily the pineapple has reached the peak of ripeness. Cutting it off, would expose the top of the fruit to air. Sad, no croissants today

  8. I agree with Lisa, it's important that the old Mayor's contributions be appreciated, formally. Lovely, and unusual (to me), Advent song. Thank you!