Thursday, January 5, 2023

Train strikes.

Angus is on day three of his alcohol free January. Last night he drank sparkling apple juice with dinner. There must surely be more adult options . The supposed health benefits of this period of self denial have yet to make themselves felt.

A thin layer of ice has formed on the puddles along the farm track. Sophie thinks thin layers of ice are one of lifes underrated pleasures. They  make a more than satisfying cracking noise when walked on. Even better, there is nothing as refreshing as near frozen puddle water.

The hills on the far side of the bay are covered in snow. Down here by the water it's milder. Our water front location means we escape some, if not all, the Scottish winter can throw at us. The super smart Los Angeleans are preparing for a 'Beast from the East'  stretching down into California and North Africa  in two weeks time. One of them observes that Europe has had a really mild winter but this has left many of the regions farmers with no  snow to insulate their crops from this coming blast from the Arctic. 

This morning dog and master head into town. We have work to do.

In the wee rental house Angus hangs some prints on the walls that lead to the top floor bedroom. Every six months the painters have to come in and cover scuff marks. We're hoping that hanging the pictures will make tenants walk in the middle of the staircase rather than rub up against the walls. It's worth a try.

Lots of large cars with London number plates appearing. Parents dropping off children for the start of a new semester. There is a nationwide train strike in the UK so travel plans are being hastily rearranged. 



Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Angus may wish to look up such labels as Seedlip, Everleaf, or Abstinence... YAM xx

Lisa in France said...

That's funny. Not twenty minutes before reading your post, I was telling my son that, if he goes to graduate school in the UK, he'll have to get used to people doing Dry January. Dry January has apparently not yet caught on in central Ohio. He's not much of a drinker in any event and is currently favoring a Wilkinson Spicy Lemon Ginger drink aimed at the "Sober Curious." I am not sure it will win many hearts and minds.

Taste of France said...

I just got an email from the New York Times: The Times is tracking 2023’s biggest space and astronomy events. Add our calendar to your device so you don’t miss a major eclipse, meteor shower or rocket launch.
Sounds like something for you and/or The Font.
I don't know whether you have to subscribe to get it. To me, the NYT is as essential to life as water or oxygen.

Travel said...

You could try some fresh nearly frozen puddle water, add a fair measure of whiskey to assure that it it is safe to drink. One can't be too careful. I hope the trains are running soon.

Diaday said...

Chilled fresh water with cracked ice and maybe a swirl of mud...what a delicious morning slurp for the diva!

Lisa in Tokyo: The Dry January campaign originated in the UK and is a newer concept in the US. It's been around for a few years; more and more people are observing it. I live in Ohio and know a lot of people who do Dry January. It's taking a little longer to gain momentum on the college campuses.

Lesley in Chicago said...

I always appreciate your gift for writing. You manage to say so much and paint such pictures with so few words.

Coppa's girl said...

Spotted alcohol free gin in the supermarket recently. I'm not a drinker, but wonder what it must taste like compared to the real drink. Might be a useful alternative for Dry January.
As you're drinking sparkling apple juice Angus, I take it that alcohol free wine is not an alternative to the real thing!
Sophie's tongue looks remarkably pink and healthy - must be the icy puddles.

rottrover said...

We are currently experiencing the effects of an 'atmospheric river' in California. Not quite sure how a weather system can come from the east (they usually roll in from the Pacific) and then stretch to North Africa. That's a long way from California. I understand that your colleagues are super smart. Being only kind of smart, I'm confused... Your sunny day is enviable.

The Life of Riley said...

Angus, depending on how much you normally drink you may not feel any benefits not drinking during January, but as a Scotsman, your wallet (or credit card bill) may show a noticeable difference!

Virginia said...

Angus, there are lots of recipes for 'Mocktails' on the internet - quite a few use Soda water in them. You might find one you enjoy. .. then again you might find just chilled water grows on you. I've found I enjoy a restaurant meal more now I rarely drink. We will all follow your progress with interest. Sophie will tell you there are wonderful options out there!