Saturday, February 25, 2023

Perfect ?


The first glimmer of peace talks in Ukraine and the quiet wooing of delegates by Trumps re-election team are the topics of conversation this morning. One of the Manhattanites comes out with the interesting fact that in 2021 road fatalities were the second leading cause of death among Americans under 45 - ahead of Covid or gun violence. 

Can a day be perfect ? Yesterday was certainly way up there. The sun bright, the wind fresh, the air clear. If you closed your eyes and concentrated there was the first hint of warmth on your cheeks. For Sophie this is how every day should be.  We go out for half an hours walk on the beach but find that we're out for more than an hour . There must be the better part of a hundred wet suited youngsters riding the waves. They are a cheerful - but sadly - biscuit free crowd. Sophie is unimpressed.  A group of students go hurtling into the sea. It's colder than they imagined and the frigid  North Sea soon has them laughing and shouting. Sophie finds this behaviour incredible. She stops, rooted to the spot, and has to be 'encouraged' along. She keeps on turning back to see what is causing all the hollering. Sophie cannot comprehend that people might be having fun without her.

To celebrate the installation of the bookcases we go out for an early dinner. Sophie, after her long walk, stays at home. She's exhausted. The restaurant is empty. Eerily so. Seems the hotel has been booked solid by a golfing party who are dining in the private function room. We have the run of the bar and the restaurant . The restaurant ceiling is covered by a large fresco of famous golfers. A St Andrews version of the Sistine Chapel with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer standing in for the prophets. We position ourselves at a table by the window where we can admire both the view and the golfing notables above us.

You can tell it's a golfing hotel. They have Sirloin steaks ( to be shared ) for £157. Fresh Lemon Sole - which we have -  is a much more reasonable £30.  Seems that 90% + of golfers are steak and fries eaters. If they don't have steak they have lobster.... also with fries. We are both surprised at just how expensive steak has become. Mark you that's an observation that can just about be applied to anything these days.

A walk back to the car through the town. We don't pass a soul unless you count the Catholic priest locking up the church for the night.

So passes another day with a Polish Lowland Sheepdog intent on enjoying life and generating as much mischief as she can.


WFT Nobby said...

£157 for a (shared) sirloin steak seems outrageous, even at today's inflated prices. If these are selling well then at least there's one sector of the British economy thats doing well.
But what a shame Angus chose lemon sole - surely Sophie is worth a sliver of costly steak brought home in a doggy bag?

Coppa's girl said...

Love the first photo of Sophie, (almost) braving the waves. Might it be a good idea to make a sign to hang round her neck that she is amenable towards anyone with biscuits - Jaffa cakes a preference? I once saw something similar but to the effect that the dog (a very overweight Labrador) was on a diet and weak willed, so please do not feed. It caused much amusement and interest - everyone stopped to read the sign and fuss the dog - and yes, a few even slipped her a treat or two!
The price of sirloin steak, even shared, is mind-boggling. Even at today's prices, someone, somewhere, must be making a healthy profit.

Linda said...

Our local trendy eating place has been offering steak-frites on a Thursday this winter for £24 for 2. Steak perfectly cooked to your requirement, rustling, salty frites better than any in France, and a herby, garlicky dressing on the side. Plus cool decor and great service, and the sea breaking on the rocks a hundred yards away. We have been regular Thursday diners.
I think St Andrews is having a laugh!

jabblog said...

The prices for steak are outrageous, or do the diners select their living beast and watch it slaughtered, butchered and hung for at least five weeks before having it prepared and cooked to their taste?

Sophie might like wearing a label along the lines of 'Starving PON. Pleased donate generously'.

Travel said...

A great day to get out and enjoy, and Sophie wants to make certain you do. I met Arnold Palmer once, I wasn't sure why I was introduced to him.

Melinda from Ontario said...

The line, "glimmer of peace talks in Ukraine", was a cheering thought.
Your bookcases are beautiful and well worth celebrating. I'm sure Sophie got a small celebratory treat as well.

rottrover said...

What a beautiful dining room; and sole sounds delicious!

Allison said...

Scottish beef looks different from that in the US. The photo shows way less marbling than you would see here. I think yours looks better.