Saturday, February 4, 2023

Rather them than me.

Sophie dozes behind the curtains while Angus chats to men in dark suits. Chinese balloons, Hunter Bidens laptop and the lowest temperatures ( -78C) ever recorded in the continental US at Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Angus thinks this number sounds implausibly cold but is told that it's correct. Alaska is presumably colder ? The men in dark suits forecast  the second half of February will be colder yet. So starts a Saturday morning in the wee cottage on the coast facing Denmark.

Phone call over it's time to head off in the car. Sophie is down the ramp and onto the golf course before I can get her harnessed up. A groundsman raking the sand in one of the bunkers is less than delighted to find a PONette coming to see him. Sophie's tail wags, she shrieks and then she scampers away. The groundsman re-rakes the sand to remove the tell tale paw prints. I dread to think what he's saying under his breath.

Over the dunes and onto the beach. Usually it's quiet. This being a Saturday morning it's busy. There must be at least 30 dogs being walked by their owners. Sophie rushes off to let two beagles know that this is her beach. They are unimpressed.

An attempt to hone in on three shaggy dogs down by the sea is soon forgotten. It's just too far.

Archie the arthtritic labrador is greeted. Once again his tail wags but he can't really be bothered with the enthusiasm of this long haired vision of loveliness. If only he was five years younger.

The good coffee cafe quiet. The students are presumably sleeping in after Friday night partying. By the time we get home the low clouds are blowing out to sea . More strong winds are forecast. The Royal Navy ship is still moored in the bay. Lots of small Zodiacs are buzzing around it. Presumably some sort of special forces training. Rather them than me with sea temperatures this cold.

Sign of the times. Made in Ukraine so no delivery date can be given :


WFT Nobby said...

There must be a dog-owning golfer out there who would smile at the sight of paw prints on the freshly raked bunker sand.
Cheers, Gail.
PS Thank you to the commenters who wished Nobby well yesterday. All went smoothly and his post-op recovery is being assisted by the comfy, semi-rigid collar that Angus so kindly sent me for Bertie many years ago.

Lisa in France said...

I remember going to the top of Mt. Washington with my family via the cog railway when I was a child. I have a picture of my father and brother bundled up with their hair blowing in the breeze, but the temperature you mention is unimaginable. Sorry that Archie the arthritic Labrador can't properly respond to Sophie's charms. We always feel so pleased for Charlie when he meets a dog he likes and they like him back. At least half the time, one or the other kind of sniffs and walks away. For some reason or other, he's not too fond of Labradors, but they all seem to love him.

Glad to hear that Nobby is doing well. Finding a comfy collar is very important in these situations.

Coppa's girl said...

Oh dear, it seems that not everyone is delighted at the sight of Sophie hurtling towards them. The man raking the bunker is probably fed up with over-enthusiastic canines.
Indy is a very sociable dog, but her advances to other dogs are not always appreciated. Fortunately on our local walks we meet furry friends who reciprocate and stop for a sniff and a tail wag.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That is an attractive rug... and an interesting, if rather disturbing, sales description. They could so easily just stop advertising it - but this keeps hope alive. YAM xx

Travel said...

Mt Washington is a special place, that is kind of cold. Glad I went to New Orleans for work this week.

Camille said...

Mt.Washington is beautiful and known for record breaking extremes in weather. Down over here about 30 miles away, the wind gusts and low temps put the wind chill factor last night down to -35 below zero. Lighter winds this morning and my trusty little home weather station claims we're a mere -15 below zero right now. Easy peasy but far too cold for walking Dottie dog. However an excellent day to run the oven or make soup! Happy that Nobby is on the mend and wearing a good proper collar to keep him away from those stitches.

Jake of Florida said...

Angus, next time you talk with them, i would love ...or maybe know what your smart Los Angeleans and New Yorkers in dark suits think of Florida's book-banning, gun-carry promoting, bullying and allegedly presidential wannabe governor. Gail, Joey and I are so happy Nobby came through the snip successfully. I know he'll have lots to say about it. Sophie, ear scritches and dreams of Jaffa cakes!!!

rottrover said...

Look how patiently Sophie waits for Archie! No hurtling up to him.

Virginia said...

That rug is worth waiting for. Great size, great design, great colours. I love it!