Sunday, June 25, 2023



Angus is up early and on the phone with the super smart Los Angeleans. Folks are  waking up in Moscow this morning and  pretending that nothing has happened but things will be different from now on. The top guy in LA injects some humour into the conversation by saying ' It only serves as a reminder that you can never be too careful when choosing your catering company '.

Yesterday, we went to collect and pay for the art work for a Godsons wedding. It was finally ready to be unveiled ( and if we like it ) shipped to the States.  We arrive ten minutes late but are greeted with the words ' You're early'. The artist rushes off to change and leaves us in the hallway which is full of twenty or so paintings waiting to go to an exhibition. There is rather a fine ceiling lantern that floods the house with light.

The artist has a studio that is very 'lived in'  although chaotic might be a better description.

She suddenly realizes she's wearing her slippers.

Then there's the recognition that the sole on the right slipper is hanging off. ' How chic is that ?' 

We stand and laugh. The artist says the sound of laughter should accompany  ' a new painting into the world '. There is something in the serendipity of this that makes sense. 

Her mantelpiece is full of interesting and 'whacky' things that she buys in junk shops and then works into the painting as the muse takes her. She has chosen lots of small romantic hearts and birds for this composition.

Back at home I'm about to  make a reservation at a hotel in Colorado. 'The Font' reads the hotel blurb out loud  in a 'are you quite sure ?' tone of voice -  ' Our coffee bar/reception is a cool gathering spot for Denvers movers and shakers and you can expect to be surrounded by digital nomads and power brokers who'll be impeccably dressed. REMEMBER : High style in the Mile High City often means luxe athleisure wear worn with relaxed aplomb '. Neither of us is quite sure what athleisure wear is  let alone how you would wear it with aplomb - relaxed or otherwise. The small print also says that there's a $35 per person amenity fee plus tax plus urban investment charge added to the bill at check out. We shall look for another hotel that might be a little less 'hip'. Angus is still unsure how a downtown hotel with no amenities can charge an amenity fee. Are elevators amenities now ? This is the second time in as many weeks he's come across this hidden charge.

Now that's hot. A 2023 high :


jabblog said...

Are hotels actively discouraging guests? Why not be honest and charge the full amount up front?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Perhaps Angus and The Font might consider hiring a Winnebago for the duration of their trip? Probably about the same sort of cost but all the luxury of living exactly as you wish! (Spoken from the back of The Grey, somewhere in the Lincolnshire fens...) YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

Both artist and her work look lovely.
As for the hotel, words fail me....
I can recommend an excellent campsite in the Rocky Mountain National Park!
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

The hotel sounds unbelievable and far from inviting. I think YAM aunty is right - a Winnebago might be the answer.
Athleisure - does it mean they've run an iron over their tracksuit and hoodie? Does relaxed aplomb translate to wrinkled T shirt and jeans...something of a contradiction?
Love the picture and hope that it will be well received. From personal experience I would suggest that the sole hanging off the slipper is downright dangerous!

Travel said...

Denver in August, shorts and t-shirt weather. The studio looks like a nice creative space.

Susan said...

Love her smile and the slippers!! And really love the painting and all the others I can see!! Fabulous!!!

Diaday said...

The piece of art is a such a thoughtful wedding gift, one that will will be treasured for years to come. The painting is a happy one and will bring smiles and laughter to their home.

Stephanie said...

The artist and her studio are delightful. Thank goodness for laughter!

rottrover said...

I really like the painting, and I hope the god-couple do as well.
Somehow I can't picture you and The Font in matching Adidas track suits with St. Andrews t-shirts underneath. And maybe some Yeezys. OY.

Charlotte said...

Very fun articles today. Thank you for always taking your time to share your area with us. It is so welcome in my email. Have a great day. 🌸

The Life of Riley said...

A fun painting! Great to see the artist's studio. Hopefully, your godson and his partner will both love it and enjoy hearing the story of how you and the Font chose such a personal gift for their wedding.