Saturday, June 24, 2023

The heat continues.


Manhattanites and the super smart Los Angeles folk are on the phone early. With tanks on the streets of Moscow their worry is that a coup is taking place. Russia, like all dictatorships, is super stable until it isn't. The leaders of Libya and Mali and Sudan and all those other African countries  who are kept in power by Prigozhins Wagner Group  must be nervously following events this morning. Predicting the future is a fools game but if you have to wear a jesters hat then Putin will probably survive this mutiny for a few months and the Ukrainians will be happy that their opponents are split. Change is in the air if not on the doorstep.

Here life continues in stolid Presbyterian fashion. The biggest complaint is the weather. A gentleman can be seen walking along the shady side of the street with his bagpipes. Although it's still early he's taken off his jacket because of the heat. On the other side of the road people are sitting having their breakfasts at outside tables. How continental is that ? 

The golfers already heading down the Old Course. They are enjoying themselves. Angus is of a generation that views shorts on the golf course to be 'incorrect attire'.  This also holds for tennis players that wear coloured outfits rather than whites at the Queens Club. I do not burden the golfers with my views on their clothing choices.

The front page of the newspaper leads on unregistered taxi drivers over charging visitors. The story seems to be based on two alleged incidents, one of which happened last year. It is summer doldrums news time.

Have started this. It's jauntily written. The revolutions of 1848 appeared unexpectedly everywhere at the same . They ushered in new parliaments, new freedoms and new constitutions. Nothing like it was seen again until the late 1980's with the changes in central Europe. The failure of the revolutions spurred emigration to the US and saw a new wave of settlers heading into Wisconsin and the Dakotas and places further west. A subject about which I knew little.

On the college lawn someone has left a Lego cat. I chuckle to think what Sophie's reaction to it would have been .

A group of twenty or so Czech tourists are standing by the dustbins outside the shoe shop. They're peering upwards at a sign eight feet up on the wall. I'd not noticed it until now.

So starts a beautiful Saturday morning in a wee Scottish coastal town where it seems nothing ever happens .


WFT Nobby said...

I think I can predict Angus's view of men playing cricket in their 'pyjamas'..
Cheers, Gail.
PS It's worrying when a ex-convict, ex-hot dog seller and leader of a huge mercenary army looks like he's the one closer to telling the truth.

jabblog said...

Always beware the military - they can turn.
I would have thought St. Andrews would impose a dress code on golfers, My, my, standards are slipping!

Coppa's girl said...

Perhaps it's just the unexpected hot weather that has brought the golfers out in their shorts. The heat must be unprecedented so far north, even in high summer.
What would Sophie have made of the Lego cat? It's not something she could chase. Amber would be equally bemused.

Tara said...

"I chuckle to think what Sophie's reaction to it would have been." LOVE that. I have often had to venture onto someone's lawn so that our pup could check out a lawn ornament dog/duck/cat. Quick nose bonk, and an "OK, it's safe."

Travel said...

Thanks for the update on world affairs, interesting turn of events. Probably the best behaved cat in St Andrews. Stay cool,

Charlotte said...

Who will take in and make a home for this lovely cat. This is unfortunate for the cat. Loved then dropped off not concerned about its life. I trust someone will take the cat home show ❤️

Diaday said...

Before my father-in-law traveled to St. Andrews to play the Old Course, he went shopping to purchase an outfit just for this momentous, almost sacred occasion. You would have approved of his clothing choice.

The Lego C-A-T gave me a chuckle, too, thinking how Sophie would react to it.

Enjoy your beautiful day in your wee Scottish coastal town.

rottrover said...

LOVE the C-A-T, but also the fact that it was black and white!