Thursday, June 29, 2023

They eat barnacles.


The super efficient workmen from Edinburgh are settled into a routine. They start at eight and work solidly through until four. At eleven thirty they stop for half an hour and have lunch in their vans. Deliveries of materials occur on a just in time basis. Yesterday a large truck brought more concrete and breeze blocks. The ironmongers have now installed the metal uprights for the conservatory and will return later today to cut them down to size. By close of business the ground will ( hopefully ) have been levelled and the concrete laid for both the conservatory and the new garden room.

The latest skip is nearly full. A fifth is on order.

Down on the coast the small sand beach is home to a kindergarten of sixty or so eider chicks. You try counting eider chicks - they are a study in constant motion ... or to be more precise , paddling. The seagulls stand offshore on the rocks and watch. They seem to know that the eiders take parenting seriously and that they are not to be meddled with. Eiders live on barnacles so their beaks must be powerful. 

Another whale carcass has been washed up. It's been a couple of months since I've been down to this stretch of coast below the cottage. The carcass must have been here for a while as its been picked entirely clean bat some flaps of skin.

Back in town we cut by the front of the cathedral on our way to the Italian coffee shop. In these days of never ending light there are American and Asian tourists wandering around  trying to work out through jet lag what time of day it is.

Discussions over where to stay in Colorado continue. America , outside the coastal fringes, is really quite exotic. 'The Font' is surprised to find lamb chop fondue as a starter on the dinner menu of this hotels restaurant  :  Whoever knew such a thing existed ?

There seems to be a lot of action packed into this one paragraph :

Best graduation address of the year ? :


Jake of Florida said...

How piercingly true those graduation address words. Clearly he has observed for one the cruel person... governor of my state and presidential candidate...who nourishes his reptile brain on the fears he engenders with his intimidations. But back to the sweet elder chicks.i

Virginia said...

I do hope and pray those young people heard, and will act upon, his words. Definitely the Best Graduation Address - perhaps EVER?

Coppa's girl said...

It's sad that Sophie isn't around to leave a paw mark or two on the freshly laid concrete.

jabblog said...

Building works are coming on apace - very encouraging.
Good to see that gulls have respect for eider ducks - they don't seem to be bothered by much else.

Tigger's Mum said...

Great photo of the ecclesiastical ruins - and good on the eider duck patents.

Travel said...

I have stayed at both Hyatt's in Denver, the one by the Convention Center is newer more modern. They are nice, in that universal American way. In August I am staying at an Embassy Suites near the Convention Center (work travel, at a staff rate that is incredibly cheap.) Denver is a fun city, with lots of great food. The art museum is ultra modern, the building is worth the visit. If the US mint is open for tours, it is fun to see.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn’t want to miss the Hot Tower (lamb fondue, calamari and crab cake) with an Iceberg Lettuce Wedge! Now that’s just elegance. Puts me to mind of the rage for “Surf ‘n Turf” in the 70’s but at least that was comprised of a piece of red meat and some type of fish or shellfish served separately. As you say, who woulda thunk of lamb fondue even existing…. You’ve made my morning complete, Angus! Thanks! Liz in Oregon