Wednesday, April 10, 2024



Yesterday started off sunny before quickly turning to heavy, incessant rain. Even our diligent gardeners had to finally call it quits. The team hope to make up lost time today. They manage to get most of the sandstone paths laid but the rain stops them from  grouting the slabs into place. 'Puppy' and her sister sit contentedly in the middle of the lawn and observe developments.

Last night, in a break in the clouds, we see a large cruise liner heading slowly north across the mouth of the bay. It's one of those huge, top heavy, ships the size of a skyscraper. From here it looks like a mountain of light. The brief round Britain cruise season has started. Last year the sea was as calm as a mill pond. The same can't be said this year. 

A fresh batch of caramel buns in the bakers window. Revision week is the time of year when they literally fly out of the door.

Archie , the arthritic labrador, is enjoying his morning walk. Younger dogs rush around him but Archie ignores them and walks in a straight, unhurried line. Slow and dignified never fails. 

Vapour trails overhead a sign that the trans-Atlantic flights are being rerouted over eastern Iceland and Scotland to avoid  the huge area of turbulence over the Atlantic that's been dislocating travel for the last week.

The harbour filling up with boat owners and their vessels. So far only the brave ... or the foolhardy .... have ventured out into the North Sea.

The souvenir shops getting ready for the summer influx of day trippers. Some truly bizarre 'medieval' beakers complete a tableau of shot glasses, Scotland snow globes and dancing 'Mr.Beans'. 

All of these memories of Scotland are presumably made in Chengdu or Bangalore rather than Glasgow or Ecclefechan. A green Loch Ness monster in a tartan bonnet has the redeeming grace of being cheerful.

The kilt maker next to the Italian coffee shop has a 'purple' creation. It would work well as camouflage wear in the heather.


Anonymous said...

I love your daily wandering. Any sign of the new PON?

WFT Nobby said...

I'm wondering if the huge cruise liner is heading for Aberdeen South Harbour. Local scuttlebutt is that cruise passengers have not been too impressed with their visits Granite City to date...

Travel said...

In 1990 I was in Great Britain for the first time, I bought a Scottish wool sweater (jumper) I still wear it and I am reminded of that wonderful adventure everytime I do.

Diaday said...

So good to hear that Archie is still able to take his walks.

Coppa's girl said...

Fear not, everything will go according to plan, if "Puppy" and her sister are keeping an eye on things.
When I read about Archie, I'm reminded of my very first (yellow) Labrador, Sultan, who enjoyed his slow arthritic walks at the age of 14&1/2 !

rottrover said...

It's reassuring t know that, if necessary, Angus can move stealthily through the heather.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of those “souvenirs” will be seen at thrift shops in the U.S. in a couple of years.
Your comment about the tartan and heather was the first laugh of the day here.

Jake of Florida said...

Let the heather be heather with no wannabe tartans!!!