Thursday, August 29, 2013

The busy have no time for tears.

There is a jam factory in the little market town. In fact it's not so much a factory more a corrugated iron shed. An unprepossessing little building that stands on a patch of ground next to where the long gone train station used to be.  It seems that today is the jam sheds 125th birthday. The firms eight employees are celebrating in style.

In front of the cafe a group of jolly musicians , hired specially for the occasion , are clambering onto a tractor drawn trailer. They're not going anywhere because the tractor driver is in the cafe enjoying a pre-breakfast libation. Finally, after much tooing and froing , trailer, driver , employees and musicians are united. They circle round  the market square three times before heading off , the wrong way, down the one way street that leads to the Post Office. The oompah oompah oompah of the band slowly fading into the distance.

Bob and Sophie are intrigued. They stand by me as if glued to the spot . Bobs tail wags twenty to the dozen. He would like this to happen every morning. Excitement over, they get their illicit half croissant and shared bowl of water from the waitress. Sophie is happy that all is once again right with the world.

Last night and this morning the constant roar of aircraft heading south east ; Syria bound. Higher and faster than commercial flights. The hinge of history turning again.


  1. So the jam factory/shed has survived two world wars, countless other foreign military involvemets, and much else besides. well worth a boisterous celebration. And I'm so glad that Bob and Sophie received their customary croissant today and you will not be driving back from the small market town with Cecilia Bartolia in the boot.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. We'd be intrigued too. All of us.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Not a bad start to the day, or to the next 125 years for the jam factory!

  4. 125 that's a milestone for the jam factory, and well worth celebrating in fine style. I love the band on the trailer making merry music, and the staff enjoying themselves too.
    Bob and Sophie enjoying all the hoo-rah, and their croissant too...what a lovely morning.
    I enjoyed this post Angus, but was saddened at the noise of the aircraft headed over to Syria. The hinge of history turning again..... I'm a bit tired of it all.

  5. those two laughing little faces looking up at me.
    what a way to start my day!
    i'd say perfect.

    no pressure here of course. no none. but . . . whatever happened to those wonderful mini videos you used to do?
    no pressure of course.
    but sophie has emailed me and she feels her chance at stardom has been cut short. she appreciates the still shots. don't get me wrong. but she did convey that she loves the live stream. she finds it so motivating!
    and bob ... well. bob is simply quietly beautifully special.

    1. tammy j - Apple technology doesn't seem to like our videos. When they're donwloaded they play as gifs rather than at video speed. I'll try again later in the week .

    2. Tammy you're a mind reader, I was wondering too what had become of the wonderful videos that we were spoiled with....miss them like crazy.

  6. The second to the last picture of Bob and Sophie is especially wonderful to me. Such enthusiasm and delight they show!

    Jo and Stella

  7. Beautiful Sophie and Bob. You are lucky to get to enjoy them.

  8. Let's see if France goes hand in hand with Obama...

  9. What fun for the jam people! One can always use a good oompah pah.....

    Pets and cuddles to those two delicious PONs....