Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Their watch of wondering love.

A male pheasant decides to roost in the laurel hedge . There's something about it's trumpeting that drives the PON's into a frenzy of activity. Two uninterrupted hours of charging through branches in search of this noisy intruder. Our canine guardians look at ground level. It doesn't occur to them that the unconcerned pheasant is sitting  preening himself in the sunshine on top of the hedge. Exhausted, the PON duo sleep all afternoon.

The Christmas crib retrieved from the basement. Wise men. sour looking angels, shepherds, the boy with a bird, Mary and the lady in the blue dress. We bought it in Prague thirty years ago. Every Christmas we wonder what could possibly have happened to Joseph. Is the lady in the blue dress the mother in law ?


  1. They do look a bit grumpy......

    We read that as a peasant in the bush....had to have a second look.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Baby Jesus is the really scary element. Not sure what to read into that!

  3. Joseph is incognito in the blue dress.
    Bouncing Bertie above is freaked out at Baby Jesus, but I can't get over the long black beard of the leading wise man.
    Nativity scene with a difference, that's for sure.

  4. Send "blue dress" to Ardie and her women friends for a slight makeover. I think "he" was intended to look benevolent rather than dour
    like the kings but the artist
    overcorrected. Wasn't it a supposed
    virgin birth anyway so who knows
    who the actual players were anyway.
    That Baby Jesus looks positively
    sacrificial. Quite unsettling.

  5. Dour doesn't begin to capture it! By contrast, we wish you, the font,and the PONs a happy happy Christmas!

    Joan and Just Harry

  6. The three wise men are quite spectacularly hirsute. I do like the sheep, though, who looks as if about to take off with those rotor-ears. A very merry, happy, joyeux Christmas to all at the ROF.

  7. I still think that a disbelieving crib maker decided single handedly to write Joseph out of the plot.

  8. Judging by the expressions on those wise men....
    I fear for poor Joseph. And without a doubt, that women in the blue dress knows more than she's saying.

  9. Maybe it's a midwife? Or Joseph did some cross dressing as a disguise?