Sunday, December 22, 2013

Le drapeau ecossais .

We arrive late. The second village Christmas party in full swing. The depressive physiotherapist providing background music on his accordion. Tonight he's been joined by a friend with a Hammond Organ. The two of them wearing ill fitting dinner jackets and clip on bow ties.You can tell their 'clip ons' because one side of the organists bow tie has come unclipped. The loose end flaps around in time with the beat.

We've missed the fish soup and the chicken and prunes. However, we are in time for the unveiling of the ' traditional ' Scottish trifle. This is contained in a large, black, enamelled dish which has pride of place on a trestle table by the kitchen door. The silver foil, when it is removed reveals a pale green topping with what appear to be large Chinese letters piped on top. '' This must make you feel at home ! " says the mayors wife somewhat mysteriously. " Le drapeau ecossais " adds a smiling Madame Bay. Angus decides that it would be churlish to point out that neither the colour nor the design resemble the Scottish flag. These after all are mere details in the scheme of things.

A traditional Scottish trifle, a la Sud Ouest, is a  Creme de Menthe coloured Creme Chantilly topping over Creme de Cacao infused sponge. Texture is provided by a layer of plums. Angus , unsure of quite how to respond to this assault on his taste buds, comes out with a " just like my mother used to make it ". From the smiles and laughter of the ladies of the  Beautiful Bye Ways Committee this was the right answer. '' Very traditional " adds 'the font' for good measure. How kind these strangers are.

On our way back across the village green 'the font' wonders how many Hebridean cooks, fifty years ago, would have had Creme de Cacao as a staple of their larder.  

This morning Bob and Sophie are up and out at first light. They are keen to get their 'traditional' half croissant at the cafe under the arcades.


  1. Honored by the village have become part of the community!

  2. Beautiful frosty pictures this morning. I am about to hit the road from the UK and am wondering whether snow chains may be required!
    A very interesting trifle indeed and how nice of them!
    I wish you all a lovely day.

  3. Love the frosty photos. Not so much the sound of the France profonde style Scottish trifle...

  4. I wonder where the ladies of the Beautiful Bye Ways Committee got the recipe--Something really was lost in its translation, wasn't it?

  5. How lovely of them. Thank you for sharing these photos. I loved the one of the tongues for a wake up smile. What a heavenly place.

  6. The first 3 pictures are wonderful.

  7. Ah, the oft neglected art of diplomacy does make the world twirl smoothly.
    You have mastered it well.

  8. Very proud of you - they made it for you both - Christmas blessings - Susanne, Daisy, Kiri and Dandy

  9. Very nice gesture on the part of Beautiful Bye Ways Committee to make a Scottish trifle in your honour, even if it didn't resemble or taste like's the thought that counts. Wonder if it was Madame Bay's idea?
    Aren't you glad you missed the chicken and prunes? I am.
    The two angels grow cuter and cuter every day.

  10. They are trying to please you, Angus.
    Consider yourself at home.

    Love those delightful pink tongues x2!

  11. I knew that the trifle was going to be something to write home about! Who knows what new Scottish dish they'll tackle next?