Friday, December 13, 2013


Madame Mayor and the ladies decorate the box trees around the village green. The end effect quite underwhelming. ' Perhaps it's radical minimalism  ' suggests 'the font' determined to find something, anything, positive to say.

While the ladies decorate the village green, the mayor sets up the crib in the church. We are invited in to look at it. It is literally a crib with a straw covered doll in it. The church is then locked and will remain locked until after the New Year.  '' We've always done it " says Madame Mayor. Angus can't help but think that setting up a crib in locked and empty church is something that only Stephen King could dream up.

The builders are still hard at work on the gatehouse of the chateau. So much for it being ready in time for the holidays. The builders have a rather affable hunting dog called Emile. Emile is all ears. He also adores Sophie. Sadly, for Emile, Sophie considers him to be a brute and makes a variety of growling noises to show it. Emile backs away.


  1. Re the decorations, how about 'restrained'?
    And as if there were ever any doubt that Sophie would be able to deal with unwanted male attention.
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Replies
    1. You have to look closely to see them !

  3. Oh well, the decorations will be easy to take down. No one ever wants to help take things down.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. A photo of Emile please....I would love to see Sophie's "no thank you" suitor.
    Where is the Christmas church service held if the church is closed until New Year? With a decorated crib inside? That's strange....very strange....too strange for my favourite author Stephen King to touch.
    I love the permanent paver mat outside the door...gave me a great idea.

  5. Can't really blame poor Emile. Sophie is quite a fetching young lady.

  6. They lock the doll in the church? Umm... All I can think of is that old Saturday Night Live skit with the Nativity set featuring "the realistic sounds of the crying baby Jesus." Of course it's defective and instead of just crying on the scheduled hour, it cries all the time.

    No pictures of Emile? Darn it!

  7. I bet the "decorations" look really swell at night too when they are all illuminated!

  8. The doll needs to be vinyl for the full Stephen King effect.

  9. No . . no. I won't say what I was going to say. Not classy AT ALL. But it involved a bunch of carrots and a midnight walk with the Pons.

  10. poor emile. unrequited love is the worst!
    and I can't help but wonder what if some year someone . . . very sneakily and anonymously of course . . . and . . .
    it would have to be in the darkest of night . . . decorated the village really beautifully . . . at least SOMETHING in it! one thing! at least!
    wonder what the committee would have to say?
    smile. xo

  11. A most un-American display. Where are the snowmen beside the Nativity? The Santas holding hands with the angels? No flashing lights? No elves? Sigh.