Friday, December 6, 2013

Never laugh at live dragons.

Horror ! A cat outside the cafe under the arcades. Bob doesn't notice. Sophie does. Our ' butter wouldn't melt in her mouth ' angel instantly turned into a howling fiend. Whoever knew that an 18 kilo dog could pull so strongly on a harness ? Both PON's are loaded back into the car. Only then does Bob notice the presence of this interloper. He joins in the chorus of disapproval with his sister. The cat seems completely unconcerned. Clearly, a town cat.

Chateau Gloom every bit as cold as I'd remembered it. The solitary log in the dining room grate fighting a losing battle against the chill. The Parisian 'intellectual' a floppy haired, chain smoking, man in a green velvet smoking jacket. Over dinner he announces that it's a national scandal that English words are being used in adverts. '' Today there are more English signs on the streets of Toulouse than there were German ones during the occupation . It's shocking ! ". Angus briefly interrupts the great man to ask whether he's seriously comparing the occasional English fast food advert with notices announcing the execution of hostages by the SS . This observation is not well received. The atmosphere seems to get even chillier.


  1. Something tells me you don't care if you don't get invited again Angus…
    Given how hard Bertie (a mere 8.5 kg) can pull the lead on spotting a cat, I can well imagine that Sophie might be hard to hold back!
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. We think the 'intellectual' needed to be pulled in line.

    We're also glad to see that the cat was not allowed to wander unmolested. Well done, pups!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Oh Angus, did the Font kick you under the table for that comment at dinner? I'm on your side, but some things are better left unsaid in some circumstances, especially with so-called "intellectuals.". You may never be invited around to "use the side entrance" again for any more gatherings at the Chilly Mansion....
    That cat doesn't know how lucky he/she is that the demonic duo did not catch his tail....

  4. He may be an 'intellect', but obviously hasn't studied manners to any great degree. Good for you.
    Merlin only ever tolerated our dearly departed Pepper, the French rescue cat. All others are the enemy.
    Have great day.

  5. Mission Don't Get Invited Back -- success!

    1. Oh my gosh, I should have figured that one out right away.....LOL.

    2. Yup, Now this reminds me of my husband!! Yup, he'd rather stay quietly at home where Yogi (our Lab) agrees with everything he says.

      Yogi's Mom

  6. On the other hand, maybe the owners of Chateau Gloom were looking for someone who might insult their "guest" (never to return) and keep inviting you for your troublemaking ways! Cheers, Angus!


  7. Oh Angus, BRAVO!!!! Please reveal what the font said later!

    xxxx Joan

  8. Clearly, M'ongoose and possibly La Font are now on the DNI list. Chain-smoking in green velvet, and pretentious to boot? I'd have wanted to smack him upside the head. Your restraint is admirable. Well done.

  9. Just show them this: