Saturday, December 28, 2013

To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.

Seven in the evening. The mayor pops in for a ' wee chat '. He brings with him the lady with the Marge Simpson hairdo and the man in the yellow reflective jacket . They settle in the drawing room.  It seems that the staff at the special needs school in the little market town have taken to driving through the village on  their way to work . Some of them are speeding . '' M'Ongoose ! There may be an accident " says the mayor. He repeats himself to make sure I've understood. The lady with the beehive hairdo sips her champagne and adds " we must think of the children ". The man in the yellow reflective jacket thinks speed cameras might be needed. Angus, unhelpfully, points out that the authorities might not want to install a speed camera for the twenty or so cars that use the lane every day. After a second glass of champagne our visitors leave. It seems more research is needed .

Bob and Sophie discover white truffles. They approve. In fact their attention is so intense you might believe they are Polish Lowland Truffling Dogs. Bob has that look that says that white truffle pasta is a staple of the PON diet. 


  1. Perhaps you could train the little angels to seek out their own truffles.
    From the ground that is, not the shopping bag .........
    I foresee the arrival of a sleeping policeman in the village.

  2. I agree with Jean - you need to channel this love of white truffles into useful employment for the PONs!!

    You could try painting a box to look like a speed camera...maybe that would deter your speeding teachers.

  3. Just stand next to a parked car and aim a black hair dryer at the cars.....might work.

    We assume the research might need more champagne..

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Truffle PONs! White, a specialty.

    Might it be possible to flag down those certain offenders and ask
    them NOT to speed through the

  5. The mayor always seems to pop by for a "wee chat" and a sip of must have a stock in the wine cellar specially for those visits...wink, wink.
    I couldn't help but smile when I saw the intense looks and undivided attention of Bob and Sophie....the discovery of white truffles has certainly made their day.
    I agree with Jean, a sleeping policeman should do the trick in the village to stop the speeding.

  6. Gourmet spoit rotten lovely doggies... well done!!!!!! Have a great day from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy, Kiri and Dandy

  7. From my corner in northern Virginia, I suggest speed bumps to temper the speed of the 20 or so cars--Although the lure of white truffle pasta would slow me down!

  8. Speed bumps are a good idea, though the black hairdryer held up near a parked car sounds good too. Bob and Sophie look incredibly clean-did they have a bath yesterday?

  9. Aren't there any gendarmes in the area? Perhaps one of them should park near the road for a few days and see if that deters the speeders...

  10. Love, love, love their faces.

    So are speeding tickets not given in deepest France? I know a speeding ticket is what cured me from tearing down the quiet road I sometimes take to work. Who'd have ever thunk a police officer would have been hanging out around that corner . . .