Sunday, December 29, 2013

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Sophie is a free spirit. 19 kilos of condensed mischief. Not for her the worries and concerns that come with being top dog. Obeying commands? She leaves that to her big brother.

Sometimes when she runs across the lawn, three paws off the ground, head high, tail higher ; there's a sense she's in a private place where joy and life are completely intertwined.  And then, when you come to write it down, you realize that there are no words that can begin to describe her happiness. 


  1. We love that joyful 'place'. Only dogs can find it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Remember way back - when SOPHIE was perceived to be shy? It was sheer boredom. She was merely waiting it out. Until her new owners would come to take her…….to begin the life that she knew was just ahead of her. Boy - did she ever hit the jackpot with ANGUS and the FONT! Her happiness has reached us here, on the Westcoast of Canada. Hard to believe that SOPHIE and BOB will soon turn one year old.

  3. I think that is perfectly put, and I see the same with Bertie when he races, seemingly for pure joy, across a field or park. Except it looks to me like his run involved all four paws off the ground.
    Gail. .

  4. The vicarious pleasure we experience is in part why we love to share our lives with these precious little souls.

  5. Angus, your dogs are beautiful!! I know they are bringing you so much laughter and joy!!

  6. Angus your writings always take me there to where you are with your vivid and heartfelt descriptions. Sophie, 19 kilos of condensed mischief...perfect in her own way.
    Why do I have the feeling that you captured the Font's heart with love letters and poems that she just couldn't resist?

  7. Wonderful pictures of the PONs and your superb writing have definitely captured my heart!!

  8. You're right, there are no words, those moments may only be ones that dog owners understand.

  9. Top dog? Is there a top dog or are there top dogs?
    Perhapse the closest thing we human have to Sophie's experience
    is running in the zone.

  10. and yet ongoose you managed to describe it perfectly here.
    her joy is my joy. just visiting the two puppies and you and the font. that's a simple joy of the highest order.