Sunday, December 15, 2013

No act of kindness, however small, is wasted.

Saturday night. Some 'out of towners' have booked the salle des fetes . It turns out to be a 'rave'. Two hundred cars from Toulouse filling the square and the surrounding streets. At midnight a group of revellers clamber over the Rickety Old Farmhouse's gate and start to uproot the box hedge. ( Why ? )

Bob lets out that unmistakable PON  'my packs in danger ' roar. How such a noise can emanate from such a small dog one of natures mysteries. Angus opens the bedroom window and tells the uninvited guests exactly where to go. By the time he's made it downstairs ( bare feet but a blue towelling dressing gown ) they've gone.

This morning over breakfast much laughter as to whether the sight of Angus in a dressing gown or the sound of a PON in full voice is the more frightening.

After Wilf I'd never thought we'd have another dog brave enough to become a family fellow. I was wrong. This morning guard dog Bob is promoted from family boy to family fellow in training. His tail wags ( to the right )  thirteen to the dozen. 


  1. Hooray for Bob! He's got some big paws to fill.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Well done Bob! Please come over and teach Bertie about guarding one's property….
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS I'm imagining Sophie looking at the disturbed box hedge and thinking "why didn't I think of that?"

  3. Family fellow in training?.....really? I think Bob could teach you a thing or two.
    I still can't believe that a 'rave' was held in deepest France profonde....amazing.

  4. Good boy, Bob! I'd say that deserves a free dig in the compost pile!

    (I'm glad the box hedge was the only damage!)

  5. Bravo, Bob!!! Bravo!!!

    But curious minds want to know which language Angus chose to tell the ravers where to go. Glad they complied regardless of the choice!

    1. Rugby club french. ' The Font ' is mortified that such 'fluency' is second nature.

  6. Excellent job Bob. Though perhaps being yelled at in Scots' inflected French did the trick too.

  7. I would never bet against Bob.
    It was apparent from the beginning he was to become a family fellow.
    Good Boy.

  8. Oh, tears flow again for Wilfee today. Your words "suddenly the years flare up and are gone, quicker than a minute" still the sweetest and most poignant phrase I've ever heard about life and death. I love you, Wilf. And Good Boy Bob!! xxoo

  9. I am sure that Wilf is looking down, much relieved that someone is keeping up the good work on this side of the bridge.
    Well done young man.

  10. I'm with Liz, the reference to dear Wilfie gets me--tears flowing. I still have a photo of him on my computer taken on Christmas day 2011 -- I think he's smiling or laughing at Angus. A most handsome fellow and an excellent role model. Bravo Bob!

  11. God Bless Bob today for guarding his flock ...(Wilf is there for sure) I wasn't reading the blog then, but I believe he is right there in Bob. All is well; rest easy.

    Happy Holidays to All!
    Yogi and Mom

  12. Oh gosh. Liz Van Buren's comment! Brought it back. I will never forget that entire post, but the years flats up phrase was and is just heart wrenching. Wow. The power, sometimes, of the written word.