Monday, January 6, 2014

A critic is a man who knows the way but can't drive the car.

Bob and Sophie are taken into the garden to be groomed. A small tub of kibbles and some brushes are left, out of reach, on the grooming table while I go back indoors. Thirty seconds later the kibbles have gone. It's difficult for Bob to deny responsibility as he's actually on the table. Sophie would have us believe she's completely innocent.

A trip to the market for some cheese. Bob and Sophie are given tiny slivers of Tome au Fenugrec and some very ripe Livarot. Bob is so overcome with joy that he shows his overbite and does his embarrassing soft shoe shuffle dance .

In the afternoon we walk down to the stream. The very old farmers geese have somehow managed to get out of the paddock and are lined up in a hissing, argumentative mass on the far bank. Bob and Sophie are more intimidated by the presence of the geese than the geese are by Bob and Sophie.


  1. Smart dogs. Geese are scary.


  2. A cheese truck.....must be heaven!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Do Bob and Sophie have a favourite cheese yet?
    I can't help noticing that one of those hairbrushes looks identical to the one I use (on my own hair) every morning!
    Cheers, Gail.

  4. What do you expect if you leave unattended kibble for thirty seconds?! Obedience? Abstinence? Will power?
    I wish I could have seen Bob trying to deny responsibility !!

  5. Did you really expect to find kibbles on your return????? Really now Angus......

  6. Friends of ours used geese as guard dogs - very scary - so I think Bob and Sophie were wise PONs to keep away from them.
    And, also wise PONs to be really quick at liberating the kibbles before you got back !

  7. Bob definitely has the look of 'I'm the king of the castle' in the second picture.
    Either that or 'Yes I is guilty and they were lovely' !

  8. ...embarrassing soft shoe shuffle dance. I can just see him. He and Sophie are just too wonderful.

  9. It's a wonder that you can even control them with the scent of cheese in the air. They're a very good pair indeed.
    Embarrassing dance! What can that be?

  10. We had China geese at one time in the country. Our dog was terrified, I was too, There is no way not to be with a big bird that can extend, flap wings, hiss at you and run fast at the same time. Its just best to stay inside when they are outside.

    Jo and Stella

  11. WONDERFUL word pictures.
    i was there!
    i even saw him get up on the table. tried to tell him.
    he just said . . . "they think we're adorable. no problem."
    and he's so right!
    we ALL think they're adorable!

  12. I, too, would stay away from geese. Smart dogs.

    Is it possible to hope for a small video of the "embarrassing soft shoe shuffle dance"? A regular Fred Astaire, our Bob.

  13. Livarot...the joys of living in France!